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Bulletin Board of the Economics and Policy for Sustainability Research Group


Below is a list of upcoming events organised by the E&P Group:

Date and TimeEvent DescriptionLocation
Monday, 10th Oct 2016, 1200-1330

How can we make the transition to a sustainable and desirable future? Panel debate with Bob Costanza, Ida Kubiszewski, Kate Pickett, Richard Wilkinson, and Lindsay Stringer (registration required)

SEE 8.119


Schedule of Short Presentations

The E&P Group generally meets on the first Wednesday of the month, 1030-1200 in SEE 10.125. The agenda of each meeting varies, but generally includes two short (10-minute) research talks from the group's members.


July 5th 2017

Beth Stratford: TBD


June 7th 2017



May 3rd 2017

Andrew Fanning: Life satisfaction and consumption in growing versus non-growing economies: A fundamental difference

Julia Steinberger: The "Living Well Within Limits" (LiLi) Project

Apr 5th 2017

Yannish Naik: Developing healthy and sustainable economies in Yorkshire and the Humber

Julia Martin-Ortega: Public views and values on peatland restoration: a quantitative study for Scotland

Mar 1st 2017

Christopher Schulz: Exploring water values and water governance in the Upper Paraguay River Basin, Mato Grosso, Brazil

Pasi Heikkurinen: Critique of the transformation discourse and the human will to transform: Technical, political, and philosophical considerations for the degrowth movement

Feb 1st 2017

R.H. Bark: Fellowship flood research update

Martin Dallimer: Valuing the natural world: how to capture the role of nature in schools and education

Dec 7th 2016

Blandine Boeuf: Comparing the use of cost-benefit analysis in setting objectives for the Water Framework Directive in France and in England

Nov 2nd 2016

Nick Roxburgh: Mapping and comparing behavioural theories in models of social-ecological systems

Dan O'Neill: A good life for all within planetary boundaries

Oct 5th 2016

Lina Brand: Quantitative insights to the relationship between energy services and human needs in Colombia

Jannik Giesekam: Addressing embodied carbon in construction

Sep 14th 2016

Lukas Bunse: Building a low-energy economy: How to investigate the implications of shifting to low-energy sectors?

Marco Sakai: Energy, emissions and macroeconomic modelling


Jul 6th 2016

Jouni Paavola: Health impacts of climate change and health and social inequalities in the UK

Jonathan Busch: Low carbon industrial policy

Jun 1st 2016

Paul Brockway: Paris-vs-reality: how and why we'll miss the 1.5'C target

Filka Sekulova (via Skype): DEvelopment co-education for a post-GROWTH transformation

May 4th 2016

R.H. Bark: Somerset Levels and Moors change narratives

Yannish Naik: Boom or bust: how can public health engage with healthy sustainable economies

Apr 6th 2016

Steve Hall: Complex value and greenhouse gas reduction: a bottom up approach

Anne Owen: How can we use geodemographic data to explore the UK's changing carbon footprint?

Mar 2nd 2016

Joel Millward-Hopkins: A human-centered cost-benefit analysis of climate change mitigation in cities

Oliver Zwirner: Lies, damned lies, ... on the politics of statistics and the need for macro indicators going beyond GDP. How to design environmental, economic and well-being indicators for the transition to a sustainable society?

Feb 3rd 2016

Julia Steinberger: Planning a new research programme: making the links between well-being and resource use


Dec 2nd 2015

Arturo Chinbuah Andersen: The societal metabolism and resource curse of developing economies: a comparative study of Ghana and Ivory Coast

Elke Pirgmaier: A critique of Daly: Rethinking the foundations of steady-state economics

Nov 4th 2015

Olivia Rendon: Flood risk adaptation options for the city of Leeds, UK: Exploring green measures

Kate Scott: Integrating resource efficiency into climate policy

Oct 7th 2015

Marco Sakai: The UK's carbon and labour footprints: Exploring the trade-offs

Paul Brockway: Exergy as a new method to analyse energy use, rebound and economic growth: the story so far…

Sep 2nd 2015

R.H. Bark: Mainstreaming the ecosystem approach in catchment management

Niall Kerr: Benefits of, and motivations for energy efficiency policy: case study of energy efficiency retrofit policy in OECD countries



Upcoming conferences of interest to the E&P Group:

Conference NameDatesAbstract Deadline
Size of the Society: International workshop on linkages between material flows and stocks of socio-economic metabolism in Debrecen, HungaryJan 27-28, 2017Oct 20, 2016
International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science in Sitges, SpainApr 2-5, 2017Nov 4, 2016
European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EARE) 2017 Conference in AthensJun 28 - Jul 1, 2017Nov 10, 2016
European Society for Ecological Economics (ESEE) 2017 Conference in BudapestJun 20-23, 2017Nov 25, 2016


In the News

Short articles by members of the E&P Group in the popular press: