Sustainability Research Institute


BOSS to host Corporate Responsibility Research Conference 2014

The conference theme will be:

«Business as Unusual»

will take place from

15 September to 17 September 2014


Devonshire Hall, University of Leeds (UK).




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New research project on low carbon retrofiting and micro-enterprises

The Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts have awarded a grant of £83000 to support Dr Alice Owen's work with a not for profit energy agency investigating how micro-enterprises in the building trade might bring low carbon retrofit into the mainstream.  White Van Man research is on the road!”

  • The work will first gather qualitative data on what constitutes value and what drives design decisions in small scale retrofit work.  This kind of repair-maintenance-improvement (RMI) work on the existing building stock is estimated to have an economic value of around £22bn.  If RMI activity could all be aligned with low carbon goals, we would see a step change in the energy efficiency of our homes.  As well as talking to the tradesmen in micro-enterprises and SMEs, the project will also gather data from the supply chain to general building trades and from the householders who are the SME clients.
  •  SMEs and micro-enterprises dominate RMI work on private homes but they are a difficult group for policy to reach.  This project aims to develop ideas for policy and action which are effective with this important but often overlooked group.