Sustainability Research Institute

The Governance of Hydrocarbons in Uganda: Opportunities for Community-Driven Accountability in the Albertine Rift Region

Funder: Democratic Governance Facility

Amount: US$1,164,019/US$295,000 to Leeds

Duration: 2012-2016


The project will explore the extent to which local leaders and civil society organisations can proactively engage with firms and local authorities to instigate a process of community-driven accountability, which seeks to maximise development benefits from hydrocarbon extraction. The project is run by a Kampala-based NGO, Maendeleo ya Jamii, and works with district NGO forums to implement the project’s objectives.


Jamie Van Alstine (SRI);  Mr. Jacob Manyindo, Maendeleo Ya Jamii,, a community-development NGO in Uganda