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Business & Organisations for Sustainable Societies Group (BOSS)

Businesses (from small to medium to trans-national) and organisations (such as universities and the NHS) are key actors in moving towards more sustainable societies.

We, the 'Business and Organisations for Sustainable Societies' (BOSS) group, are a trans-disciplinary group of researchers, who are focused on critically evaluating the role of businesses and organisations and how they can incorporate sustainability in their systems, including their activities and throughout their supply chains. In our work, we:

  • Examine the implications of the approaches that businesses and organisations adopt in the global North and South, working on both local and global issues, and
  • Analyse the interface between businesses and policy-makers, consumers and other stakeholders.

We have expertise in a wide range of sectors, for instance, the built environment, food and drink, agriculture, electronics, extractive industries, further and higher education, health care, retail, sports and textiles. As a group we seek to develop theories and approaches which enable businesses and organisations to tackle the challenges of sustainable development in a coherent, systematic, holistic and robust way.

Contact BOSS Director Dr Pasi Heikkurinen   p.heikkurinen(at)

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