Sustainability Research Institute

UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), Phase 2

Grant amount: £388,000

Duration: 2009-2014


The UK Energy Research Centre is a joint research council initiative that carries out world-class research into sustainable future energy systems. It is the hub of UK energy research bringing together a number of core academics partners in the UK. University of Leeds is one of these partners working under the "Environment and Energy Theme". The research at Leeds is undertaken by Professor John Barrett's research team and concentrates of two key areas. This includes the development of a global trade model to understand the carbon embedded in products taking into production efficiencies by sectors and countries. This has involved the development of a multi-directional "Environmentally Extended Input-Output" model. The other research area is exploring the indirect carbon emissions of energy technologies, developing a hybrid "Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment" to understand all the interactions throughout the supply chain.

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Professor John Barrett (Principle Investigator)