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Multi-level Governance of Natural Resources: Tools and Processes for Water and Biodiversity Governance in Europe (GoverNat)

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Funding body: European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme
Amount: £249,473.00
Duration: 2006-2010


GoverNat is a Marie Curie Research Training Network which focuses on research and training in multi-level environmental governance. The GoverNat network involves 10 European partner institutes and several affiliated praxis partners. GoverNat concentrates on participatory processes and analytical tools as means to improve environmental multi-level governance. GoverNat researchers empirically test the hypothesis that certain combinations of analytical and participatory processes improve multi-level governance. GoverNat researchers work on case studies to match the need for improvement of specific governance schemes with the potential of improvement of combined participatory and analytical approaches. Designing improved governance schemes in collaboration with praxis partners constitutes the practical test-bench for the research project. GoverNat is coordinated by the Division of Social Sciences of the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ). Sustainability Research Institute in Leeds will focus on two subsets of GoverNat. The first SRI research area relates to governance costs and the implications of the mismatch of the levels of governance for them. The second SRI research area explores the policy needs related to public participation in environmental governance in Europe. SRI will also organise and host the first Summer School and Workshop of the GoverNat in Leeds in Summer 2007.

More information: Governat Website
Contact: Jouni Paavola