Sustainability Research Institute

Food Security, Adequate Care and Environment Quality: development and testing of eco-nutrition guidelines for community actions in the context of climate change in Malawi & Tanzania (Eco-Health Project)

Funding body: International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Duration: 2010-2014

Principal Investigator: Prof. Joyce Kinabo (Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania)

Co-Investigators: Dr. Susannah Sallu (SRI, University of Leeds), Dr. Darren Dahly, Prof. James Newell, Ms. Petra Bakewell-Stone (Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Leeds).  

PhD Student: Cristina Cleghorn

The goal of this project is to test and establish community scale interventions designed to promote more nutritious and climate resilient food systems. More specifically, we will test community-based Eco-Nutrition/nutritional interventions in a randomized set of communities in Malawi and Tanzania (matched to control communities from similar agro-ecological zones). In doing so, we will test the general hypotheses that diverse agricultural landscapes are more resilient to climate change and offer greater nutrition than food systems based on monocultures. The approach has involved communities to select and customize interventions to be tested that make the most sense in each given context On the basis of these revisions, the trial will then be repeated in the control communities, using the updated set of guidelines. Key government departments (e.g. Health, Environment and Agriculture) are directly involved to enhance uptake of new approaches emerging from the project and facilitate backstopping policy formulation. The final outcome will be Eco-Nutrition guidelines that can be widely used in sub-Saharan Africa and other developing countries for feeding into policy formulation.


For further information please contact Susannah Sallu. This project is associated with the Africa College Partnership.