Sustainability Research Institute

Natural Flood Management: Results from a survey

20.10.2017 - 07:56

Boxing Day 2015 Floods, Methley, Yorkshire. Credit: Lucy Sharpson.

Rosalind Bark, Julia Martin-Ortega & Kerry Waylen, September 2017

This briefing note presents a summary of the results of a survey that was conducted during the spring of 2017. A total 118 respondents across the UK with a broad interest in flood risk, water, land or environmental management answered the survey. The survey’s aim was to increase our understanding of the respondents’ views & opinions ? negative or positive ? on Natural Flood Management (NFM) & how NFM might be implemented. We expect the results of this survey to be of interest to policy makers, academics, consultants, land managers, farmers & environmental professionals working on catchment management & flood mitigation.

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