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Postgraduate researcher, Emrah Akyuz, has been undertaking fieldwork in Ukraine to investigate human rights issues in relation to the Chernobyl nuclear accident. He spent four months in Fukushima between May and September 2017....[more]

Can conservation agriculture help farmers in sub-Saharan Africa handle the man-made problem of climate change? Professor Andy Dougill believes it’s possible, but much more co-ordinated planning and further evidence is needed.[more]

Milena Büchs and Max Koch have just published a new Palgrave Pivot book “Postgrowth and Wellbeing: Challenges to Sustainable Welfare”. [more]

Rosalind Bark, Julia Martin-Ortega & Kerry Waylen, September 2017 This briefing note presents a summary of the results of a survey that was conducted during the spring of 2017. A total 118 respondents across the UK with a...[more]

Nick Roxburgh reports back from Social Simulation Conference 2017: The Social Simulation Conference 2017 took place at University College Dublin at the end of September. Thanks to an Sustainability Research Institute bursary, I...[more]

Dr Julia Martin-Ortega (Earth and Environment) and Dr Miller Alonso Camargo-Valero (Civil Engineering) have just been awarded one of the five projects funded by the UK’s Global Food Security programme (£1.51M). [more]

I’ve been to a number of conferences but never one on the scale of the Royal Geographical Society and Institute of British Geographers annual international conference, held this year at Imperial College, London. With up to thirty...[more]

Last August UNLEASH innovation lab 2017 took place in Denmark. UNLEASH is an initiative that brought together a 1000 young talents from 129 countries to co-create practical and innovative solutions to help realising the UN’s...[more]

The UK’s 50 largest cities could save £7 billion annually and create over 90,000 years’ worth of extra employment by adopting simple measures to cut their energy use and counter climate change.[more]

Beliefs in magical creatures can impact the protection of biodiversity, and the field of conservation needs to consider them seriously, researchers have warned.According to a new study, by academics at the University of Leeds and...[more]