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Climate Change Adaptation Group

Climate Change Adaptation Group

The Climate Change Adaptation Group is based at the School of Earth & Environment at the University of Leeds and led by Professor Suraje Dessai.

Our interdisciplinary research focuses on four main areas:

  • How are climate change uncertainties managed? How is uncertainty visualised and communicated? How do people respond to these sources of information? And how can climate change uncertainties be communicated in a way that effectively facilitates decision making.
  • How are climate risks perceived and acted upon? What are the drivers and barriers to taking action?
  • How is climate knowledge produced and used for adaptation decision-making? What are the challenges and tensions involved in this process? What other sources of information are being used to make adaptation decisions and why?
  • Are new and emerging sources of climate information, such as seasonal and decadal information, being utilised by users?

To tackle these issues, we draw upon insights and methods from a range of disciplines such as environmental social science, human geography, science and technology studies, psychology, and sustainability science. Our work has received funding from the UK Research Councils (ESRC, EPSRC & NERC), the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, the European Research Council, and the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research.

Suraje and Marta are also members of the Leeds Met Office Strategic (LUMOS) Research Group which aims to provide capability for end-to-end research into the development and use of Met Office atmospheric models for socio-economic impact. 

Current PhD Opportunities: 

  • The Uptake and Use of New Climate Projections in Risk Assessment and Decision Making in the UK: this fully funded PhD project will explore the interaction between user needs and the 2018 UK Climate Projections (UKCIP). The project will be supervised by CCAG's Suraje Dessai alongside ICAS's Jason Lowe. Start date negotiable, full details can be found here
  • Ethical Issues in the Provision of Climate Services: CCAG's Suraje Dessai and Marta Bruno Soares are currently advertising a fully funded PhD on the topic of ethical issues in the provision of climate services. The successful candidate will be supported by the Priestley International Centre for Climate, and will work between SRI and IDEA. Own proposals are welcome. Start date negotiable, full details can be found here.  
  • We welcome interest from anyone wanting to join our group including PhDs. For more details please contact Suraje Dessai

To keep up to date with all CCAG news, follow us on Twitter @CCAdaptGroup


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