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New research based on Precambrian rocks provides insight into how life evolved alongside changes in the chemistry of Earth’s surface. [more]

A comprehensive new handbook about weather forecasting in West Africa could help safeguard lives and resources in the region. [more]

IGT scientists Dr Jon Mound and Dr Phil Livermore had the following article published in The Conversation The Earth’s magnetic field surrounds our planet like an invisible force field – protecting life from harmful solar...[more]

There is huge potential for using electric vehicles to tackle climate change, give us cleaner air and grow the green economy. The question is, when it will make sense for most of us to ditch diesel and petrol, and go electric?...[more]

NERC have announced their programme to investigate the impact of climate change and diminishing sea ice on the marine environments of the Arctic Ocean. NERC’s £10million investment has funded four projects which will begin in...[more]

Holidaymakers concerned about fresh volcanic eruptions causing flight-disrupting ash clouds across Northern Europe might be reassured by a study setting out the first reliable estimates of their frequency. While the University...[more]

A jet stream within the Earth’s molten iron core has been discovered by scientists using the latest satellite data that helps create an ‘x-ray’ view of the planet.[more]

A study co-authored by researchers from the School of Earth and Environment and National Centre for Atmospheric Science has been named amongst the top 100 publications of 2016. The original article published in Science on the...[more]

The School of Earth and Environment will be strongly represented at the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco this week (12th – 16th December). The Institute of Geophysics (IGT), Institute for Climate and Atmospherics Science...[more]

Clouds and trees

Two School of Earth and Environment scientists, Dominick Spracklen and Ken Carslaw, have been named in a list of the most highly cited scientists across the world. The Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researchers Award...[more]