Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science (ICAS)

Current PhD Opportunities

Applications to start a PhD programme in October 2016 are now invited. The deadline is 11 January 2016. Available projects include:

Novel climate feedbacks in the Earth System and their contribution to future global change FILLED

This exciting project will employ cutting-edge techniques to identify novel climate feedback mechanisms in the next generation of global Earth System Models, and quantify their impact on future climate change projections. The project is led by Dr Amanda Maycock and Professor Piers Forster.

Further details and how to apply.

How will Northern Ecosystems respond to Global Environmental Change? FILLED

The aim of this project is to better understand the regional responses of northern ecosystems to global environmental change and related consequences for terrestrial carbon cycling. It is led by Dr Wolfgang Buermann (SEE), Dr Dominick Spracklen (SEE) with Prof Emanuel Gloor (SoG). More details and how to apply.

Diagnosing and testing historic causes of climate change within the next generation of climate models

Led by Professor Piers Forster and Dr Amanda Maycock this project works on cutting edge understanding of historic climate change, analyzing the latest climate models within one of the world's foremost climate research groups. More details and how to apply.

Dust in the climate system: Seasonal to decadal variations in Saharan and Sahelian mineral dust

This project is led by Dr John Marsham, Dr Graham Mannand Dr Wolfgang Buermann. The aim of this project is to improve the understanding of variability in African dust from the Sahara and Sahel, and the representation of this in models used for projections. The project will allow interactions with several ongoing projects on African climate already taking place at Leeds and will build on short time-scale process-understanding from past highly-successful projects to address the longer time-scale processes key to our understanding of dust in the climate system. More details and how to apply.

Catastrophic ice melt and life in the oceans FILLED

Led by Dr Ruza Ivanovic and a team of researchers at Leeds and Bristol, this project combines cutting edge knowledge of ice sheet dynamics and biogeochemistry with state of the art ocean modelling. The aim of the PhD is to examine the influence of catastrophic meltwater discharge on physical ocean circulation, ocean biogeochemistry and marine ecosystems since the Last Glacial Maximum (21 thousand years ago) and in the future. Further details and how to apply

Collapse of the British - Irish Ice Sheet: the role of climate and sea level changes FILLED

This project will use the latest generation of ice sheet models and a new reconstruction of the retreat of British and Irish ice sheet to understand what drives the collapse of marine influenced ice sheets. Extra stipend and research funding will be provided through a partnership with the British Geological Survey. The research team includes Dr Lauren J Gregoire (SEE), Prof Dave Hodgson, Prof Chris Clark and Dr Claire Mellett.

Further details and how to apply.

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