Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science (ICAS)

Atmospheric Chemistry Group TOMCAT/SLIMCAT 3D CTM


Martyn Chipperfield

PI and main developer of the model.


Ken Carslaw

PI of GLOMAP aerosol model which runs within TOMCAT.

Wuhu Feng

Wuhu uses TOMCAT/SLIMCAT for studies of stratospheric ozone depletion and upper troposphere tracer transport.

Steve Arnold

Global tropospheric chemistry modelling.

Jo Browse

Modelling Arctic aerosol.

Erin Dawkins

Erin is examining satellite observations of metal layers in the mesosphere.

Sandip Dhomse

Studies stratospheric ozone trends and impact of solar variability on ozone and climate.


Eimear Dunne

Using GLOMAP to study impact of Galactic Cosmic Rays on cloud nucleation (CERN CLOUD project).

Michael Hollaway

Investigating surface ozone-vegetation interactions.

Ryan Hossaini

Using TOMCAT/SLIMCAT to examine the transport and chemistry of biogenic ozone-depleting species.

Zarashpe Kapadia

Aircraft emissions.

Graham Mann

Controls development of GLOMAP aerosol code.

Hannah Mantle

Hannah is using TOMCAT to study the tropospheric chemistry of biogenic halocarbons.

Joey Mcnorton

Joey is using top-down emission estimates of greenhouse gas emissions to aid the development of UK land surface modelling.

Sarah Monks

High resolution modelling of transport and chemistry in Arctic troposphere (POLARCAT/ARCTAS campaigns).

Steven Pickering

Atmospheric modelling support scientist.

Richard Pope

Richard is using satellite data to improve model chemical forecasting of air pollution.

Kirsty Pringle

Maintains GLOMAP code.

Carly Reddington

Uses GLOMAP to study aerosol.

Nigel Richards

 Studies of tropospheric chemistry. Comparing model with satellite observations.

Cat Scott



Anja Schmidt

 Using coupled chemistry-aerosol model to study impact of volcanic eruptions on troposphere.

Dominick Spracklen

Original developer of GLOMAP aerosol scheme.

Chris Wilson

PDRA: Chris is using inverse modelling to look at the fluxes of carbon-containing species, CO, CO2, CH4.

People: Outside of Leeds

Tom Breider, Harvard University

Tom developed the coupling of the full chemistry TOMCAT model with the GLOMAP aerosol model. Studying the interaction of DMS and halogen species

Michelle Cain, University of Cambridge

Tropospheric chemistry.

Glenn Carver, University of Cambridge

Developer of ASAD chemistry solver used in TOMCAT. Created p-TOMCAT version.

Olivier Dessens, UCL

Studies of tropospheric chemistry/aerosols.

Kathryn Emmerson, University of Melbourne

Develops tropospheric chemical schemes for TOMCAT.

Philip Haines, UCL

High resolution retro transport modelling.

Bob Harwood, University of Edinburgh

Runs SLIMCAT in near real time for comparison with NASA Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) satellite observations.

Andy Horseman, University of Lancaster

Developing a cirrus parameterisation for the model.

Hannele Korhonen, University of Kuopio

User of GLOMAP aerosol model.

Beatriz Monge-Sanz, KNMI.

Works with ECMWF. Testing tracer transport and parameterisations of O3 and CH4.

Mark Richardson, NAG Manchester

Testing and improving performance of MPI and hybrid MPI/OPenMP parallel code on Hector supercomputer.

Miriam Sinnhuber, KIT, Karlsruhe

Further development and testing of stratospheric photolysis scheme. Uses a version of the stratospheric chemistry scheme in a 2D model.

Wenshou Tian, Lanzhou University

Uses the model's stratospheric chemistry scheme in the UMSLIMCAT CCM.

Nicola Warwick, University of Cambridge

Tropospheric chemistry.

Matthew Woodhouse

Oecanic DMS emissions.

Xin Yang, University of Cambridge

Tropospheric halogen chemistry.

Masaru Yoshioka, University of Bristol

Dust modelling. Running TOMCAT forced by output from the Unified Model (UM).