Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science (ICAS)


NCAS Research Centre at Leeds


The NCAS research centre at Leeds is involved in all of the NCAS research programmes:

  • Atmospheric composition, including air quality.

  • Climate, including modelling and predictions.

  • Atmospheric physics, including hazardous weather.

  • Technology, including innovations and atmospheric observations

By its very nature, atmospheric science research is multidisciplinary, and NCAS works to bring together scientists from a range of core disciplines such as physics, chemistry and mathematics and using state-of-the-art technologies for observing and modelling the atmosphere.

National Capability

SEE, University of Leeds
School of Earth and Environment

NCAS provides scientific facilities for researchers right across the UK to enable excellent atmospheric science on a national scale. These include a world-leading research aircraft, a ground-based instrumentation pool, access to computer models and facilities for storing and accessing data. We provide the UK academic community and the Natural Environment Research Council with national capability in atmospheric science.

Our facilities provide capacity for airborne observations, field observations, collaborations with atmospheric observatories, and calibration studies. Our ground-based Atmospheric Measurement Facility and our Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements work closely in support of our research programmes and with partners including the UK Met Office and ICAS at the University of Leeds.



Wind turbine

NCAS at Leeds

The NCAS research centre at Leeds supports the wider research community through our commitment to address nationally and internationally important areas of research such as:

  • Global and regional aerosol modelling
  • Global climate and earth system modelling
  • Atmospheric dynamics and cloud processes
  • Global chemistry transport modelling
  • Atmospheric chemistry observations and laboratory experiments
  • Weather forecast modelling
  • Instrument calibration, development and deployment
  • Training - full list of courses or contact training(at) for more information

The majority of the NCAS Operations Team is based at Leeds. The team is responsible for NCAS administration, finance, events, communications, IT, education and training. Contact admin(at) for more information.