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March 2018 Newsletter

Current issue March 2018

  • Isaac Newton Institute and Simons Fellowship
  • Featured letter: Lightning storms less likely in a warming planet
  • Featured papers
  • Success and congratulations:
  • Funding success for Future Climate for Africa
  • Update on our Partnerships
  • Living Lab for Air Quality
  • Update from CEMAC
  • Featured person: Mal Mcmillan
November 2017 newsletter cover

November 2017

  • Success: ICAS Professor elected Fellow of American Geophysical Union
  • Featured paper: Insight into our Climate future
  • Welcome to our new PhD cohort
  • GCRF African science for weather information and forecasting techniques - launch meeting Dakar
  • University of Leeds Living Lab for Air Quality + Climathon
  • Annual science meeting 2017
  • Featured person: Andrew Challinor
July 2017 newsletter cover

July 2017

  • Outreach: BBC Terrific Science, Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition
  • Featured Papers:
  • Antarctic Peninsula Ice More Stable Than Thought,
  • Antarctica Major Driver in Past Ocean Changes
  • Gas Threatens Healing of Hole in Ozone Layer,
  • Volcanic ‘plumerang’ Could Impact Human Health.
  • Icasp Programme Launched to Deliver Research Impact
  • The Cloud-motion Marie Curie Innovative Training Network
  • ICAS Annual Science Meeting November 2016
  • Featured Person: Richard Pope

March 2017

  • Outreach: Be Curious festival
  • Featured paper: Shining a light on the darkness of soot in air pollution
  • Research in top 100 articles of 2016
  • Two ICAS scientists named in 2016 list of highly cited scientists worldwide
  • Improving the accuracy of essential African weather forecast
  • ICAS annual science meeting november 2016
  • Featured person: Juliane Schwendike

October 2016

  • Ian Brooks reaches the North Pole!
  • 15 years of ICAS
  • World-first field experiment in India - Incompass Project
  • Scientists observe first signs of healing in the Antarctic Ozone Layer
  • ICAS in the media outreach: ICAS at Into The Blue. Sarah Dennis at the Great Yorkshire Show
  • Featured Papers: Discovering the Origin of Atmospheric Aerosols
  • Featured Person: Leighton Regayre
ICAS newsletter June 2016

June 2016

  • Launch of the Priestley Centre 
  • Success and congratulations: Dominick Spracklen chair, Anja Schmidt wins William Smith award 
  • Polar Prediction school 
  • The PhD experience blog: Suzanne Stas 
  • Outreach: Pint of Science, Cat Scott winner of I’m a Scientist, Get Me out of Here! 
  • Featured papers: CERN CLOUD project discovers a new way that particles form in the atmosphere 
  • ICAS wins 3 out of 4 Postgraduate prizes
ICAS Newsletter February 2016

February 2016

  • Improving Rainfall and Flooding Predictions
  • New £20 Million Research Programme to Deepen Understanding of Africa’s Changing Climate.
  • Role of Volcanism in Dinosaur Extinction Theory
  • Increased Deforestation and the Amazon Basin Rainfall
  • CPOM Organises first Esa Advanced Training Course
  • Karlsruhe Institute Of Technology (KIT) - ICAS Activity
ICAS newsletter October 2015

October 2015

  • Launch of the Priestley International Centre for Climate (PICC)
  • Our most diverse ever intake of PhD students
  • The University of Leeds and Met Office recommit to partnership
  • Celebrating 10 years of global aerosol modelling
  • Awards & recognition
  • Project news
  • Featured papers

June 2015

  • ICAS research makes a difference 
  • KIT-Leeds partnership 
  • Awards & recognition 
  • Research highlights: severe ozone depletion avoided 
  • Project news: ICE-D & mission to rule the winds 
  • Welcome: Cathryn Birch & Amanda Maycock 
  • Outreach: the air in Saltaire

February 2015 issue

  • Partnerships 
  • ICAS annual science meeting 
  • Outreach 
  • Volcano provides unprecedented research opportunity 
  • New centre for expertise on modelling of the atmosphere and climate 
  • New doctoral training partnership starts 
  • Papers & project news

October 2014 issue

  • Focus on our partnerships
  • ICAS in the field
  • New academic fellows

May 2014 issue

  • PhD publication prizes
  • Two research centres created
  • Royal Society Wolfson Award
  • Introducing Challenge Seminars