Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science (ICAS)

Facilities & Expertise

ICAS maintains an effective balance of capabilities in fieldwork, laboratory research and computer modelling.


Our research laboratories enable innovative measurements of atmospheric aerosols, clouds and ice formation. They are also used for the design and preparation of instruments for field campaigns in meteorology, aerosol and cloud physics, and chemistry.

Courtesy Ian Brooks

Field Research

ICAS has a long history of innovative fieldwork using ships, aircraft, surface sites and, most recently, radar. Our field campaigns to study the atmosphere, oceans and ice sheets have taken staff all over the world, including the Arctic, the Amazon, Africa and Indonesia. 

Computer Modelling

ICAS develops and uses an extraordinarily broad range of advanced models of atmospheric chemistry, aerosols, weather, climate and palaeoclimate. We lead the development of our own global atmospheric models and we are major users and developers of community models like the Met Office Unified Model and the NCAR WRF model. 

University and National Facilities

Our research makes extensive use of national facilities, including regional and national supercomputers, ships, and NCAS's Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements and the Atmospheric Measurement Facility, coordinated by NCAS-Leeds.

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