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ICAS is the UK’s most diverse academic institute for atmospheric research, making fundamental advances in our understanding of climate change, weather, atmospheric composition, palaeo-climates, and impacts on our planet and society. We develop advanced computer models, lead major field campaigns, analyse satellite data, and perform innovative laboratory experiments. More about ICAS

ICAS Internal Seminar
Alex Roberts, Fergus Howell. Chair: Joey McNorton
14:00 - 15:00 SEE seminar rooms 1 & 2 (8.119 a & b)
Land-ocean contrasts in the responses of temperature and the hydrological cycle to climate change
Mike Byrne, Postdoctoral Researcher working with Tapio Schneider in the Climate Dynamics Group at ETH Zurich.
14:00 - 15:00 SEE SR 8.119/a/b

Our Partnerships

ICAS extends the scale and scope of its research through collaboration with many external organisations [Read more]

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