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Leeds Engineering Geological Society - LEGS

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The Leeds Engineering Geology Society is a fairly informal alumni association of Leeds MSc Engineering Geology Graduates although many PhD graduates also get involved. Staff who have taught on the course are also members of the Society. LEGS was formed on the suggestion of Steve Hencher and initially, members were kept informed by an annual newsletter. This has somewhat fallen into abeyance in the age of the internet as new ways of keeping in touch has emerged. LEGS has made occasional hardship payments to support MSc students and has from time to time supported students carrying out overseas fieldwork.

LEGS meets on every Friday 13th in a local hostelry in the University. This is currently the Fenton. The proximity of the Fenton to the main University car park allows for easy parking with the University’s parking being unrestricted after about 4pm. The Joseph’s Well was abandoned by LEGS one night after it being raided by the Police. I hasten to add that none of us was arrested! LEGS has been known to have impromptu meetings overseas based around engineering geology conferences.

These web pages are to keep graduates informed on what is going on with the course, its graduates, the School and the staff.