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Recent Publications


Chapman RJ; Allan MM; Mortensen JK; Wrighton TM; Grimshaw MR (2017) A new indicator mineral methodology based on a generic Bi-Pb-Te-S mineral inclusion signature in detrital gold from porphyry and low/intermediate sulfidation epithermal environments in Yukon Territory, Canada. Mineralium Deposita

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La Fontaine A; Piazolo S; Trimby P; Yang L; Cairney JM (2017) Laser-Assisted Atom Probe Tomography of Deformed Minerals: A Zircon Case Study, Microscopy and Microanalysis  doi: 10.1017/S1431927616012745.

Löhr SC; Murphy DT; Nothdurft LD; Bolhar R; Piazolo S; Siegel C (2017) Maghemite soil nodules reveal the impact of fire on mineralogical and geochemical differentiation at the Earth's surface, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 200, pp.25-41.

Piazolo S; Belousova E; Fontaine AL; Corcoran C; Cairney JM (2017) Trace element homogeneity from micron- to atomic scale: Implication for the suitability of the zircon GJ-1 as a trace element reference material, Chemical Geology doi: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2017.03.001.

Tretiakova IG; Belousova EA; Malkovets VG; Griffin WL; Piazolo S; Pearson NJ; O'Reilly SY; Nishido H (2017) Recurrent magmatic activity on a lithosphere-scale structure: Crystallization and deformation in kimberlitic zircons, Gondwana Research, 42, pp.126-132.


Banks DA; Bozkaya G; Bozkaya O (2016) Comment on Origin and evolution of hydrothermal fluids in epithermal Pb-Zn-Cu+Au+Ag deposits at Koru and Tesbihdere mining districts, Canakkale, Biga Peninsula, NW Turkey by Mustafa Cicek and Tolga Oyman, [Ore Geology Review, 2016, 78, 176-195], Ore Geology Reviews doi: 10.1016/j.oregeorev.2016.10.022

Bouhlel S; Leach DL; Johnson CA; Marsh E; Salmi-Laouar S; Banks DA (2016) A salt diapir-related Mississippi Valley-type deposit: the Bou Jaber Pb-Zn-Ba-F deposit, Tunisia: fluid inclusion and isotope study, Mineralium Deposita, 51, pp.749-780.

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Chapman RJ; Mortensen JK (2016) Characterization of gold mineralization in the northern Cariboo gold district, British Columbia, Canada, through integration of compositional studies of lode and detrital gold with historical placer production: A template for evaluation of orogenic gold d, Economic Geology, 111, pp.1321-1345.

Giuliani G; Dubessy J; Ohnenstetter D; Banks D; Feneyrol J; Branquet Y; Fallick AE (2016) Le fluide, l"arlésienne du métamorphisme. Les marqueurs des évaporites dans la formation des gemmes métamorphiques, Géochronique, pp.65-69.

Jenkin GRT; Al-Bassam AZM; Harris RC; Abbott AP; Smith DJ; Holwell DA; Chapman RJ; Stanley CJ (2016) The application of deep eutectic solvent ionic liquids for environmentally-friendly dissolution and recovery of precious metals, Minerals Engineering, 87, pp.18-24.

Jimenez-Bonilla A; Torvela T; Balanyá JC; Expósito I; Díaz-Azpiroz M (2016) Changes in dip and frictional properties of the basal detachment controlling orogenic wedge propagation and frontal collapse: the External central Betics case, Tectonics, 35, pp.3028-3049.

Kvasnytsya V; Wirth R; Piazolo S; Jacob DE; Trimby P (2016) Surface morphology and structural types of natural impact apographitic diamonds, Journal of Superhard Materials, 38, pp.71-84.

Levresse G; Bouabdellah M; Cheilletz A; Gasquet D; Maacha L; Tritlla J; Banks D; Rachid ASM (2016) Degassing as the Main Ore-forming process at the Giant Imiter Ag-Hg Vein Deposit in the Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco, In: Bouabdellah M; Slack JF (Ed) Mineral Deposits of North Africa, Mineral Resource Reviews, Springer International Publishing, pp.85-106.

Morales MJ; Figueiredo e Silva RC; Lobato LM; Gomes SD; Gomes CCCO; Banks DA (2016) Metal source and fluid-rock interaction in the Archean BIF-hosted Lamego gold mineralization: Microthermometric and LA-ICP-MS analyses of fluid inclusions in quartz veins, Rio das Velhas greenstone belt, Brazil, Ore Geology Reviews, 72, pp.510-531.

Richard A; Cathelineau M; Boiron MC; Mercadier J; Banks DA; Cuney M (2016) Metal-rich fluid inclusions provide new insights into unconformity-related U deposits (Athabasca Basin and Basement, Canada), Mineralium Deposita, 51, pp.249-270.

Schindler C; Hagemann SG; Banks D; Mernagh T; Harris AC (2016) Magmatic hydrothermal fluids at the sedimentary rock-hosted, intrusion-related Telfer gold-copper deposit, Paterson Orogen, Western Australia: Pressure-temperature-composition constraints on the ore-forming fluids, Economic Geology, 111, pp.1099-1126.

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Müller T; Massonne HJ; Willner AP (2015) Special Collection: Mechanisms, Rates, and Timescales of Geochemical Transport Processes in the Crust and Mantle. Timescales of exhumation and cooling inferred by kinetic modeling: An example using a lamellar garnet pyroxenite from the Variscan Granulitge, American Mineralogist, 100, pp.747-759.

Richter L; Seifert T; Dittrich T; Schulz B; Hagemann S; Banks D (2015) Constraints on the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluid Evolution in LCT Pegmatites from Mt. Tinstone, Wodgina Pegmatite District, North Pilbara Craton, Western Australia, Mineral Resources in a Sustainable World, Vols. 1-5, pp.529-532.

Satsukawa T; Piazolo S; González-Jiménez JM; Colás V; Griffin WL; O'Reilly SY; Gervilla F; Fanlo I; Kerestedjian TN (2015) Fluid-present deformation aids chemical modification of chromite: Insights from chromites from Golyamo Kamenyane, SE Bulgaria, Lithos, 228-229, pp.78-89.

Spruzeniece L; Piazolo S (2015) Strain localization in brittle-ductile shear zones: Fluid-abundant vs. fluid-limited conditions (an example from Wyangala area, Australia), Solid Earth, 6, pp.881-901.


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Selected older publications

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