Institute of Applied Geoscience (IAG)

Ores and Mineralization Group members

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A-Z list of people in the School of Earth and Environment

When telephoning from outside the University, dial +44 (0)113 34 extension.

Academic and teaching staff

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Dr David Banks Principal Research Fellow: Geochemistry; Health & Safety Coordinator; First Aid Coordinator 35244 / 31647 Email
Dr Robert Chapman Senior Lecturer: Geochemistry / Mineral exploration 33190 Email
Dr Graham McLeod Lecturer; Geological Sciences 31098 Email
Dr Daniel Morgan Associate Professor: Igneous Petrology & Volcanology; Director of Undergraduate Education 35202 Email
Dr Thomas Mueller Lecturer in Metamorphic Petrology and Hydrothermal Systems, Programme Leader for Geological Sciences 31156 Email
Prof Sandra Piazolo Professorship in Structural Geology and Tectonics 30010 Email
Dr Taija Torvela Lecturer: Applied Structural Geology/Basin Analysis/Seismic Interpretation; Programme Manager: MSc Structural Geology with Geophysics 36620 Email

Research staff

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Research students

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Delia Cangelosi Postgraduate Researcher Email
Hugh Graham Postgraduate Researcher Email
Georgian Manuc Postgraduate Researcher Email
James Shaw Postgraduate Researcher Email
Carl Spence-Jones Teaching Assistant / Postgraduate Researcher Email

Support staff

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Robert Finch Deputy Technical Services Manager; School Curator 35242 Email
Dr Richard Walshaw Electron Optics Experimental Officer 32393 Email

UG and PGT students

James Ball               Undergraduate Research & Leadership Scholarship student