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Current Research

Active research projects

The ore deposit geology projects are designed to contribute both to generic models of ore genesis and to inform the exploration industry.

MSc and MGeol projects

The students taking the "ores strand" of the MSc Structural Geology with Geophysics commonly do their final 60-credit independent dissertation project in collaboration with various Geological Surveys and/or exploration and mining companies. Dissertation projects with an ores focus are also popular with the Geological Sciences MGeol (Integrated Masters) students who have chosen the Minerals Pathway. Some recent and current MSc and MGeol projects on ore deposits include:

  • Giacomo Cocchi (2018): Preliminary analysis of offshore seismic and borehole data from Boulby Mine, NE England
  • Alexander Jenkins (2018): Investigation of the sub-surface geometry of the Lower Carboniferous, Northumberland: Implications for lead-zinc mineralisation
  • Thomas Matthews (2018): On the source of gold in the Strath of Kildonan: Insights from microchemical characterisation and LA-ICP-MS
  • Josh Scott (2018): A structural review of the East Kent Coalfield using historic seismic data, with a focus on the Carboniferous coal measures
  • Jakub Skrzynecki (2018): Microchemical studies of placer and lode gold in the Black Mountain Area, East-Central Alaska
  • J. Azorin-Penalva (2017): Analysis of the geological structures and possible relationships with the ore deposits in Kemess East, British Columbia, Canada
  • U. Isoken (2017): The Structural Setting and Controls on Gold Mineralisation at the Nyangboué Prospect in Boundiali, Northern Côte d’Ivoire
  • N. Scott (2017): Magmatism and Porphyry Ore Mineralisation Related to Locally Extensional Regimes – British Columbia, Canada
  • C. Accotto (2016): Structural controls on the Carlin-type gold mineralization in the Nadaleen Trend, Yukon Territory, Canada
  • G. Cooper (2016): The Geological Structure of the Navan Region, County Meath, Ireland: Building a 3D model from 2D Seismic and well data
  • F. Elliston (2016): Regional and structural analysis of the Easter Nadaleen Trend and Conrad Zone as analogue for potential gold mineralization area (Yukon, Canada)
  • S. Harris (2016): Gold grains heterogeneity as an indicator of paragenesis
  • O. Lokuciejewski-Taylor (2016): Using placer gold compositions as a vector to undiscovered mineralization in Northern Pakistan
  • S. Murray (2016): Gold exploration potential of the Birimian Greenstone Belts of Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, with an emphasis on the structural controls at belt and deposits scales
  • D. Chlup (2015): A structural evaluation of the Petowal prospect, Mako, Senegal
  • J. King (2014): Modelling the Vaigat Strait: A report into the relationship between sills and normal faults in W Greenland
  • A. Marsh (2014): The Mainhills Wood mine within the structural context of the Douglas Coal Field, Midland Valley
  • A. Monks (2014): Structural Study Of The Carboniferous Coals In The Gasswater Coalmine, Ayrshire