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Scientists have found fossil evidence of deep-sea marine life burrowing up to eight metres below the seabed — four times the previously observed depth for modern deep-sea life.[more]

An international expedition aims to better understand seismic activity through samples collected from one of the most geologically active areas in Europe. [more]

Seismic surveys challenge the view that recent slowdowns in Greenland’s ice flow will continue in the long term, says a new study. [more]

The School of Earth and Environment will be strongly represented at the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco this week (12th – 16th December). The Institute of Geophysics (IGT), Institute for Climate and Atmospherics Science...[more]

A new £6 million project led by the University of Leeds is predicted to bring a £50 million benefit to the Yorkshire economy by reducing the costs and impact of water-related threats to the region.  Bringing together...[more]

Read about our international students, where they're from and their research projects are on.[more]

Matt Grimshaw, a PhD student in our ores and mineralization research group has recently undertaken an internship at the Australian Resources Research Centre in Perth. “CSIRO is a government agency for scientific research in...[more]

ava(TM) Raising the bar for fluvial reservoir modelling

Petrotechnical Data Systems announces exclusive licencing agreement with the Fluvial Research Group at the University of Leeds for FAKTS The Fluvial Research Group at the University of Leeds has formed a partnership with...[more]

The Institute of Applied Geoscience will have a very strong presence at the International Association of Sedimentologists 2016 Meeting of Sedimentology, which will be held in Marrakech, Morocco, between the 23-25 May. A number...[more]

Researchers from the School of Earth and Environment will be in Vienna this week show casing their work at the European Geoscience Unions General Assembly (17th - 22nd April). Thomas Mueller and Jurgen Neuberg from the Institute...[more]