Earth Surface Science Institute (ESSI)

Cohen Group Members

A-Z list of people in the School of Earth and Environment

When telephoning from outside the University, dial +44 (0)113 34 extension.

Academic and teaching staff

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Prof Liane G Benning Professor of Experimental Biogeochemistry 35220 Email
Prof Simon Bottrell Head of School; Professorial Research Fellow: Stable Isotope / Geochemistry 35228/lab 37062 Email
Dr Ian Burke Associate Professor: Environmental Geochemistry 37532 lab 33965 Email
Dr Christian Marz Associate Professor: Biogeochemistry 31504 Email
Dr Rob Newton Director of ESSI; Associate Professor of Earth Surface Geochemistry 37981/37062 mass spec lab Email
Prof Caroline Peacock Professor of Biogeochemistry; Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder 37877 Email
Prof Simon Poulton Chair in Biogeochemistry & Earth History; Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder 35237 Email

Research staff

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Dr. Andy Bray Research Fellow 34696 Email
Jacopo Dal Corso Research Fellow 31182 Email
Johan Faust Research Fellow Email
Tianchen He Research Fellow Email
Robert Jamieson Research Fellow Email
Dr Adriana Matamoros Veloza Research Fellow 35225 Email
Dr Jenine McCutcheon Research fellow Email
Dr Oliver Moore Research Fellow Email
Dr Martin Schobben DFG Research Fellow Email
Dr. Anthony Stockdale Research Fellow Email
Dr. Allyson Tessin Marie Curie Fellow Email
David Warburton Research Assistant Email

Research students

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Lewis Alcott Postgraduate Researcher Email
Michael Cook Postgraduate Researcher Email
Wei Ding Postgraduate Researcher Email
Timothy Dixon Postgraduate Researcher Email
Katherine Doyle Postgraduate Researcher Email
Rachel Healy Postgraduate Researcher Email
David Hodkin Postgraduate Researcher Email
Kathryn Husband Postgraduate Researcher Email
Emma James Postgraduate Researcher Email
Alexander Krause Postgraduate Researcher Email
Janice Littlewood Postgraduate Researcher 31182 Email
Josephine McSherry Postgraduate Researcher Email
Maria Ramirez Garcia Marie Curie Postgraduate Researcher Email
Jennifer Rodley Postgraduate Researcher Email
Danielle Tompkins Postgraduate Researcher Email
Adam Woodhouse Postgraduate Researcher Email
Gemma Woodward Postgraduate Researcher Email
Bethany Wyld ICAS MRes Student 2017/18 Email
Yijun Xiong Postgraduate Researcher Email
Yao Zhao Email

Support staff

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Santiago Clerici Research Technician c/o Geography Email
Andy Connelly Cohen Geochemistry Technical officer office 30166 Email
Fiona Keay Technician: Cohen 31648 Email
Lesley Neve Technician : X-ray Laboratory 35226/33934 (office/lab) /31186 Email
Stephen Reid Aqueous Analytical Chemical Experimental Officer 32361 Email

Visitors and Emeritus staff

Name Position Telephone extension Email
Dr Romain Guilbaud Visiting Research Fellow Email
Prof Michael Krom Professor of Marine & Environmental Chemistry 30477 Email
Professor Behzad Mehrabi Visiting Professor c/o Bruce Yardley Email
Dr Beatriz Monge-Sanz Visiting Researcher c/o Martyn Chipperfield Email
Professor Robert Mortimer Visiting Professor of Environmental Geochemistry Email
Prof Rob Raiswell Emeritus Professor 34696 Email
Dr Christine Rogers Visiting researcher Email
Prof Bruce Yardley Emeritus Professor of Metamorphic Geochemistry 35227 Email
Kan Zhang Visting Postgraduate Researcher Email

Other Research students

Magaly Valencia Avellan   Postgraduate Student

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