Earth Surface Science Institute (ESSI)

Geochemistry of the modern and ancient environment

The Cohen Research Group investigates environmental processes, both past and present. Covering a wide range of areas, including contaminant transport, marine biogeochemical cycles and fluid-mineral reactions, we apply our expertise at the micro- and macroscale. Specifically, we:

  • Use environments on Earth as analogues for other planetary processes
  • Study the growth of minerals and their interactions with living processes
  • Sample environmental matrices to understand Earth surface processes in pristine and contaminated environments
  • Investigate palaeoprocesses using fossils and the rock record

The Cohen Research Group is proud to be named after Professor Julius Berend Cohen, an experimental chemist who performed pivotal research that highlighted environmental issues in Leeds in the early 20th century. His work was a pre-cursor to one of the oldest pieces of environmental legislation.

Cohen is part of the Earth Surface Science Institute (ESSI) in the School of Earth and Environment (SEE).

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