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ICAS External Seminar: Influence of internal layout and urban design on natural ventilation of buildings

ICAS External Seminar: Influence of internal layout and urban design on natural ventilation of buildings

Date: Tuesday 6th February

Time: 14:00 to 15:00

Presenter: Catherine Noakes, Professor Catherine Noakes, CEng, FIMechE, FIHEEM Professor of Environmental Engineering for Buildings, University of Leeds

Location: SEE L8 Seminar Rooms 8.119/a/b

Many buildings are naturally ventilated, using windows and other openings with external wind conditions and buoyancy forces to provide air supply and extract to a space. When designed well, natural ventilation can provide good indoor air quality and comfort without excessive energy use. However natural ventilation flows are complex and variable, depending on both internal and external factors. Prediction of performance is challenging and there is limited full-scale data.

This talk presents results from research studies that explore the influence of both internal and external conditions on wind driven ventilation. Tracer gas experiments and CFD models are presented for a large multi-bed hospital ward to explore the influence of internal bed layout and window opening on local ventilation rate and airborne infection risk. The influence of the external environment is considered through analysis of a ventilated full-scale cubical building in isolation and in a staggered array format. CFD simulations are compared to experimental data to analyse the influence of the wind direction and neighbouring buildings on the external flow and internal ventilation rate and distribution within the cube.

Bio: Cath is a Professor of Environmental Engineering for Buildings in the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds. She is a chartered mechanical engineer with a background in fluid dynamics, and significant expertise in ventilation and indoor air quality. Her research group conduct experimental and modelling based studies, with a strong focus on ventilation for health including exploring the transport of airborne pathogens and effectiveness of engineering approaches to controlling infectious disease transmission.  She has been an investigator on projects worth over £17M (over £3.2M as PI), which have supported 11 postdoctoral researchers/KTP associates and 14 PhD students and have allowed her to work with researchers across a wide range of disciplines. She has over 100 peer reviewed journal and conference papers and has co-authored design guidance for CIBSE and the Department of Health. In addition to her research activities Cath teaches undergraduate and MSc modules in building physics and indoor air quality, she is the Director of Research and Innovation for the School of Civil Engineering, and until summer 2017 she was the Athena Swan lead for the Faculty of Engineering at Leeds.