School of Earth and Environment

Wenshou Tian Prof Wenshou Tian

Visiting Researcher

Telephone number: c/o Martyn Chipperfield
Email address:

Affiliation: Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science


Qualifications: BSc Atmospheric Environment and a MSc in Atmospheric Dynamics, Department of Atmospheric Science, Lanzhou University, China. PhD, Dynamic Meteorology, School of the Environment, University of Leeds, UK

Memberships/Fellowships: Member of Chinese Meteorological Society

Research Interests: The stratospheric chemistry and its effects on climate change; Convection and convection triggering by orography; The atmospheric aerosols and its radiative effects on the atmosphere.

Wenshou joined the School of the Environment in October 1999 as a PhD student under the supervision of Dr Doug Parker with a research into the triggering of convection by orography. He then worked for 6 years as a Research Fellow on coupled chemistry-climate modelling in the group of Prof. Martyn Chipperfield. He is now a professor of meterology at Lanzhou University, China. He is a also Visting Professor at ICAS.


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