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A-Z list of people in the School of Earth and Environment

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Visiting Staff

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  Name Position Telephone extension Email
A Dr Stavros Afionis Visiting Research Fellow Email
Dr Timothy Andrews Visiting Researcher c/o Piers Forster Email
Dr Philip Antwi-Agyei Visitor Email
B Matthew Baldwin Visiting Lecturer c/o Bill Murphy Email
Dr R.H. Bark Visitor Email
Dr Ralf Barkemeyer Visitor (working with William Young) Email
Claire Bastin Sustainability Email
Thomas Berry Visiting Lecturer: Eng Geology Email
Dr Bas de Boer Visiting Researcher c/o Alan Haywood Email
Elsa Bourgeois Email
Sue Bowler Visiting Research Fellow Email
Prof Keith Browning Visiting Researcher c/o Alan Blyth Email
Dr Jo Browse Visiting Researcher c/o Ken Carslaw Email
C Dr Angela Carpenter Visiting Researcher 32010 Email
Sabrina Chesterman Visiting Researcher Email
Dr Bradley Clarke Visiting Researcher c/o Simon Bottrell Email
Dr Bob Cliff Visiting Research Fellow 31649 Email
Dr Anthony Crook Visiting Research Fellow Email
D Chris Danlewicz Visiting Lecturer, Engineering Geology Email
Dr Kaushali Dave Visiting researcher Email
Dr Juan Diego Rodriguez Blanco Visiting Research Fellow Email
Prof Harry Dowsett Visiting Research Professor in Paleoceanography Email
E Prof Mathew Evans Visiting Academic c/o Steve Arnold Email
F Dr Luuk Fleskens Associate Professor in Environmental Change +31(0) 317 485467 Email
Dr Robert Fowell Visiting Lecturer in Rock Engineering: Reader in Mining Engineering c/o Bill Murphy (35232) Email
Dr Tim Foxon Visiting Professor Email
Prof Dame Jane Francis Visiting Professor of Palaeoclimatology Email
Dr Evan Fraser Visiting Researcher Email
G Evgenia Galytska Visiting Postgraduate Researcher c/o Martyn Chipperfield Email
Prof Sat Ghosh Visiting Researcher Email
Dr James Graham Visiting Researcher c/o Ian Burke Email
Dr Romain Guilbaud Visiting Research Fellow Email
Phil Guise Visiting Researcher 35214 Email
H Dr Ryan Hossaini Visiting Researcher c/o Martyn Chipperfield Email
Professor John Hudson Visiting Professor c/o Jared West Email
Dr Janet Humphreys Visitor Email
K Dr Frans Kets Visiting Research Fellow Rock Physics, petroleum geo-Engineering +31 6 12548121 Email
Prof Peter Knippertz Visiting Professor of Meteorology c/o Doug Parker Email
Dr Tom Knowland Visiting Researcher c/o Alice Owen Email
L Dr Julia Leventon Lecturer in Environmental Change and Development 31635 Email
Dr Sarah-Jane Lock Visiting Researcher c/o Alan Gadian Email
M Dr Paul Markwick Visiting Lecturer C/o Dr Douglas Paton Email
Dr John Martin Visiting Research Fellow Email
Bobbie Millar Visiting Researcher c/o Noelle Odling Email
Dr Beatriz Monge-Sanz Visiting Researcher c/o Martyn Chipperfield Email
Professor Robert Mortimer Visiting Professor of Environmental Geochemistry Email
Professor Rory Mortimore Visiting Professor of Engineering Geology c/o Bill Murphy Email
N Dr Tim Needham Visiting Senior Lecturer: Applied Structural Geology 39104 Email
Dr Sebastien Nobert Lecturer: Environmental Hazards & Risk 31157 Email
P Elizabeth Palmer-Felgate Visiting Research Assistant Email
Prof Daniel Parsons Visiting Professor Email
Dr Evan Passaris Visiting Professor c/o Bill Murphy Email
Q Dr Shaojun Qui Visiting Researcher Email
R Dr Julian Ramirez-Villegas Visiting Researcher c/o Andy Challinor Email
Prof Michael Reeder Visiting Professor c/o Doug Parker Email
Dr Alan Reid Visiting Research Fellow: Geophysics 01323 735520 Email
Thomas Ridgeway Visiting Lecturer c/o Bill Murphy Email
Dr Christine Rogers Visiting researcher Email
Dr Teresa Roncal-Herrero Visiting Research Fellow 35225 Email
Dr Steven Rumbold Visiting Researcher c/o Graham Mann Email
Owain Rutherford Email
S Dr Anja Schmidt Visiting Researcher Email
Professor Kevin Schofield Visiting Professor: Petroleum Geoscience Email
Nicholas Shaw Visiting Lecturer Email
Dr Yanqing Sheng Visiting Fellow (c/o Simon Bottrell) 34696 Email
Dr Zongbo Shi Visiting researcher 35225 Email
Dr Elisabeth Simelton Visiting researcher Email
Dr Haijun Song Marie Curie Research Fellow Email
Wenbo Su Visiting researcher c/o Paul Wignall Email
Dr Rory Sullivan Visiting Senior Research Fellow working with Andy Gouldson Email
T Dr Philip Thompson Visiting Lecturer Email
Prof Wenshou Tian Visiting Researcher c/o Martyn Chipperfield Email
Dr Fiona Tilley Visiting academic Email
Dr Divyesh Trivedi Visiting Researcher c/o Ian Burke Email
Tomasz (Tomek) Trzeciak Visiting researcher 39105 Email
U Dr Paul Upham Visiting Researcher Email
V Prof Simon Vosper Visiting Professor c/o Doug Parker Email
W Dr Bridget Wade Visiting Researcher Email
Dr Susan Wagstaff Visiting Lecturer c/o Noelle Odling Email
Lina Wang Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Email
Professor John Warburton Visiting Professor Email
Dr Anna Wesselink Visiting Researcher Email
Dr Claire Witham Visiting Researcher c/o Anja Schmidt Email
Alan Woolley NCAS Head of FAAM Email
Y Masaru Yamanaka Visiting Researcher Email
Z Kan Zhang Visting Postgraduate Researcher Email
Oliver Zwirner Visitor Email