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A-Z list of people in the School of Earth and Environment

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Visiting Staff

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  Name Position Telephone extension Email
A Dr Timothy Andrews Visiting Researcher c/o Piers Forster Email
Dr Philip Antwi-Agyei Visitor Email
B Arturo Balderas Torres Visiting Researcher c/o Jouni Paavola Email
Matthew Baldwin Visiting Lecturer c/o Bill Murphy Email
Dr R.H. Bark Visitor Email
Dr Ralf Barkemeyer Visitor (working with William Young) Email
Claire Bastin Sustainability Email
Thomas Berry Visiting Lecturer: Eng Geology Email
Dr Bas de Boer Visiting Researcher c/o Alan Haywood Email
Elsa Bourgeois Email
Sue Bowler Visiting Research Fellow Email
Prof Keith Browning Visiting Researcher c/o Alan Blyth Email
Dr Jo Browse Visiting Researcher c/o Ken Carslaw Email
C Dr Angela Carpenter Visiting Researcher 32010 Email
Sabrina Chesterman Visiting Researcher Email
Dr Bradley Clarke Visiting Researcher c/o Simon Bottrell Email
Dr Bob Cliff Visiting Research Fellow 31649 Email
Fiona Couperthwaite Visiting Research Fellow Email
Dr Anthony Crook Visiting Research Fellow Email
D Chris Danlewicz Visiting Lecturer, Engineering Geology Email
Dr Kaushali Dave Visiting researcher Email
Dr Juan Diego Rodriguez Blanco Visiting Research Fellow Email
Dr Robert Dorrell Visiting Researcher C/o Prof Bill McCaffrey Email
Prof Harry Dowsett Visiting Research Professor in Paleoceanography Email
E Prof Mathew Evans Visiting Researcher c/o Steve Arnold Email
F Dr Luuk Fleskens Associate Professor in Environmental Change +31(0) 317 485467 Email
Dr Robert Fowell Visiting Lecturer in Rock Engineering: Reader in Mining Engineering c/o Bill Murphy (35232) Email
Dr Tim Foxon Visiting Professor Email
Prof Dame Jane Francis Visiting Professor of Palaeoclimatology Email
Dr Evan Fraser Visiting Researcher Email
Joy Fugler Visitor Email
G Evgenia Galytska Visiting Postgraduate Researcher c/o Martyn Chipperfield Email
Prof Sat Ghosh Visiting Researcher Email
Dr James Graham Visiting Researcher c/o Ian Burke Email
Dr Romain Guilbaud Visiting Research Fellow Email
Phil Guise Visiting Researcher 35214 Email
H Dr Adrian Hines Visiting Professor (Met Office) c/o Doug Parker Email
Dr Ryan Hossaini Visiting Researcher c/o Martyn Chipperfield Email
Professor John Hudson Visiting Professor c/o Jared West Email
Dr Janet Humphreys Visitor Email
I Hirooki Inaba Visiting Researcher c/o Dan O'Neil Email
K Dr Frans Kets Visiting Research Fellow Rock Physics, petroleum geo-Engineering +31 6 12548121 Email
Prof Peter Knippertz Visiting Researcher c/o Doug Parker Email
Dr Tom Knowland Visiting Researcher c/o Alice Owen Email
L Dr Julia Leventon Lecturer in Environmental Change and Development 31635 Email
Dr Sarah-Jane Lock Visiting Researcher c/o Alan Gadian Email
M Dr Paul Markwick Visiting Lecturer C/o Dr Douglas Paton Email
Dr John Martin Visiting Research Fellow Email
Bobbie Millar Visiting Researcher c/o Noelle Odling Email
Sean Milton Visiting Professor (Met Office) c/o Doug Parker Email
Dr Beatriz Monge-Sanz Visiting Researcher c/o Martyn Chipperfield Email
Yu Morishita Visiting academic Email
Professor Robert Mortimer Visiting Professor of Environmental Geochemistry Email
Professor Rory Mortimore Visiting Professor of Engineering Geology c/o Bill Murphy Email
N Dr Tim Needham Visiting Senior Lecturer: Applied Structural Geology 39104 Email
Dr Sebastien Nobert Lecturer: Environmental Hazards & Risk 31157 Email
P Elizabeth Palmer-Felgate Visiting Research Assistant Email
Prof Daniel Parsons Visiting Professor Email
Dr Evan Passaris Visiting Professor c/o Bill Murphy Email
Q Dr Shaojun Qui Visiting Researcher Email
R Dr Julian Ramirez-Villegas Visiting Researcher c/o Andy Challinor Email
Prof Michael Reeder Visiting Researcher c/o Doug Parker Email
Dr Alan Reid Visiting Research Fellow: Geophysics 01323 735520 Email
Thomas Ridgeway Visiting Lecturer c/o Bill Murphy Email
Dr Christine Rogers Visiting researcher Email
Dr Teresa Roncal-Herrero Visiting Research Fellow 35225 Email
Dr Steven Rumbold Visiting Researcher c/o Graham Mann Email
Owain Rutherford Email
S Dr Anja Schmidt Visiting Researcher Email
Professor Kevin Schofield Visiting Professor: Petroleum Geoscience Email
Nicholas Shaw Visiting Lecturer Email
Dr Yanqing Sheng Visiting Fellow (c/o Simon Bottrell) 34696 Email
Dr Zongbo Shi Visiting researcher 35225 Email
Dr Elisabeth Simelton Visiting researcher Email
Dr Haijun Song Marie Curie Research Fellow Email
Wenbo Su Visiting researcher c/o Paul Wignall Email
Dr Rory Sullivan Visiting Senior Research Fellow working with Andy Gouldson Email
T Dr Rob Thomas Visiting Researcher C/o Dr Gareth Keevil Email
Dr Philip Thompson Visiting Lecturer Email
Prof Wenshou Tian Visiting Researcher c/o Martyn Chipperfield Email
Dr Fiona Tilley Visiting academic Email
Dr Divyesh Trivedi Visiting Researcher c/o Ian Burke Email
Tomasz (Tomek) Trzeciak Visiting researcher 39105 Email
U Dr Paul Upham Visiting Researcher Email
V Jaime Vega Visiting Researcher c/o John Barrett Email
Prof Simon Vosper Visiting Professor (Met Office) c/o Doug Parker Email
W Dr Bridget Wade Visiting Researcher Email
Dr Susan Wagstaff Visiting Lecturer c/o Noelle Odling Email
Lina Wang Visiting Postgraduate Researcher Email
Professor John Warburton Visiting Professor Email
Dr Anna Wesselink Visiting Researcher Email
Dr Claire Witham Visiting Researcher c/o Anja Schmidt Email
Alan Woolley NCAS Head of FAAM Email
Lulu Wu Visiting Researcher c/o Douglas Paton Email
Y Masaru Yamanaka Visiting Researcher Email
Z Kan Zhang Visting Postgraduate Researcher Email
Oliver Zwirner Postgraduate Researcher Email