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Viet Luan Ho Viet Luan Ho

Postgraduate Researcher

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Room: G18 28 University Road

Affiliation: Institute of Applied Geoscience


Luan graduated from University of Nottingham with a first-class degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering in July 2014. During his undergraduate at Nottingham, he had developed an interest in Fluid Mechanics via undertaking Hydraulics modules, doing laboratory experiments and conducting his final year project of investigating the behaviour of particle clouds in a homogeneous environment.

Undergraduate awards and prizes:

- East Midlands Geotechnical Group prize (2014)

- Institution of Structural Engineers-East Midlands Regional Group prize (2012)

Luan joined The Turbidites Research Group, University of Leeds in October 2014


Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests

His research interests are about turbulent structures and their interaction with laden particles, particularly gravity currents and their behaviour.

Project details

Project title

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Gravity Current Dynamics


Prof Bill McCaffrey

Dr Rob Dorrell

Dr Gareth Keevil


Turbidites Research Group (TRG), School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds

Project outline

Gravity currents are widespread in many different environmental situations and their processes need to be well understood. To investigate the behaviour of gravity currents, especially the interaction between two currents, experiments will be conducted alongside theoretical studies.

Experiments are carried out in The Sorby Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (SEFDL), using lock-gate release currents, to investigate the process of gravity currents and their dynamics. Experimental apparatus are designed in such a way that two gravity currents can be generated one after another, in order to study the dynamics of the interaction.