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Sarah Norris Dr Sarah Norris

Research Fellow

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 36473
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Room: 10.127

Affiliation: Earth Surface Science Institute

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Sarah Norris is primarily an observational scientist with her main research interests within the marine boundary layer turbulent fluxes and in particular the production sea spray aerosol. She has extensive experience in the field having worked on both land based and ship based campaigns all over the world from the central Arctic Ocean to the Antarctic Peninsular and the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Taiwan and Japan. All that field work generates vast amounts of data which requires cleaning up, processing and anaylsis to solve the research questions. Sarah is at the forefront of developing toolboxes to efficiently speed up the processing of all the date for analysis by herself and other project partners.

Sarah obtained a PhD in Sea Spray Aerosol at the University of Leeds in 2006, she was working on the development of the CLASP instrument which is now used to measure high temporal resolution aerosol particle number size and concentration. Since her gaining her PhD she has continued to be an important member of the Air-Sea Interaction team at the University of Leeds as a Post-Doctoral Research Assisant.

Sarah has been involved in many field studies, details of which can be found on her personal home page or on the group fieldwork blog.


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  • B.Sc. in Meteorology, University of Reading, 2003
  • Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science, University of Leeds, 2006


  • Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society and a committee member of the Membership Development Group (MDG) Committee (from January 2016)
  • Member of the American Meteorological Society

Research Interests

  • Meteorology
  • Air – Sea interaction - transfer of particles and gases particullary Sea Spray aerosols
  • Ocean surface properties suchs as bubbles, whitecaps, wave breaking and currents.
  • Eddy covariance flux measurements
  • Micrometerology
  • Aerosol instrumentation developement and deployment in the field

Teaching Interests

Sarah has taught on Leeds University undergraduate field work courses including instrument set up, data collection and data analysis. Sha has also taught on an introduction to Matlab course for post-graduate students.

Sarah has been involved in many school outreach projects like the Science Festival and going to schools for careers events. I have been invited to presented my research with a talk at the public Saltaire Festival and Royal Meteorology Society Yorkshire centre monthly meeting.

Sarah has good experience of talking to the media and communicating science to the general public. She has made a number of radio appearances including BBC radio York and radio Sheffield. She has appeared on BBC Inside Out discussing storm chasing and severe weather in the UK and more recently was filming a weather section for a new BBC world tv show Motorheads to be aired later in 2016.

Support duties

I support PhD students generally within ICAS and particularly within my research group.

I am the Post-Doc representative within the Institute. This roles required me to communicate with all the other post-docs to inform them of news from the Institute monthly meetings and to listen to any challenges or issues that they may raise.