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Sandip Dhomse Dr Sandip Dhomse

Research Fellow

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 35612
Email address:
Room: 10.126

Affiliation: Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science



  • Solar-Climate Interaction (SOLCLI)

  • Development of Microphysical model for Stratospheric Aerosol

  • Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Cliamte (MACC III)

  • Chemistry-Climate Model Validation Activity for SPARC (CCMVal)

  • Middle Atmospheric Processes and Lifetime Evaluation for ODSs and GHGs

  • INorganic Secondary Particle Evolution, Chemistry and Transport (INSPECT)

  • Securing Multidisciplinary UndeRstanding and Prediction of Hiatus and Surge events (SMURPHS)

  • Greehouse gAs UK and Global Emissions (GAUGE)

  • Chemistry Climate Model Initiative (CCMI)

Affiliation in Leeds: Atmospheric Composition Group

Investigators: Dr. Sandip Dhomse, Prof. Maryn Chipperfield


  • Solar Cycle Parameterisation in CTM and CCM
  • Model Validation using satellite data
  • Developement of Stratospheric Aerosol Module in the UKCA (with Prof. Ken Carslaw and Dr. Graham Mann)
  • Interaction between Meteoric Smoke Particles and the Stratospheric Aerosol Layer (with Prof. John Plane)
  • Microphysical aerosol module (GLOMAP) in IFS-ECMWF (with Dr. Graham Mann)
  • Estimating greenhouse gas emissions (with Prof. Martyn Chipperfield and Prof. Emanuel Gloor)
  • Short and long-term ozone changes

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  • Post Doc (Since 2008): University of Leeds (UK), Quantifying influence of 11-year solar cycle on the Earth's Climate using 3D CTM (SLIMCAT) and CCM (UMSLIMCAT)
  • Post Doc (2007): University of Bremen, (Germany), Retrieval of stratospheric water vapour profile using Scanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometer for Atmospheric ChartographY (SCIAMACHY) limb measurements
  • PhD (2007): University of Bremen (Germany), Dynamical influence on stratospheric ozone and water vapour trends.
  • M. Tech. (2002): Atmospherics Physics, University of Pune (India)
  • M. Sc. (2000): Atmospheric and Space Sciences, University of Pune (India)

Research Interests

  • Solar Climate Interaction
  • Ozone trends
  • Stratospheric aerosol
  • retrieval of trace gases using satellite measurements
  • Climate change