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Rory Sullivan Dr Rory Sullivan

Visiting Senior Research Fellow working with Andy Gouldson

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Affiliation: Sustainability Research Institute


Dr Rory Sullivan, Senior Research Fellow, University of Leeds and Senior Advisor, Ethix SRI Advisors, is an internationally recognised expert on the financial/investment implications of climate change. His experience has included seven years in one of the largest asset management companies in the UK focusing on the investment implications of climate change and energy issues, extensive periods working as a consultant/adviser on environmental finance, regulation and policy issues for international bodies such as EBRD, OECD, World Economic Forum, UNEP and UNDP, and the provision of strategy and policy advice on these and related issues to industry and investor networks, national governments and private sector companies. He has written seven books and many papers, reports and articles on investment, climate change, and related issues.

Together with Professor Andy Gouldson, Dr Sullivan is leading the ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy project "Non-State Actors and the Low Carbon Economy". The project analyses how non-state actors such as NGOs and investors have influenced corporate performance on climate change and, from this, will offer a comprehensive explanation of when and where particular forms of governance intervention are likely to be more or less effective.