School of Earth and Environment

Robert Mortimer Professor Robert Mortimer

Visiting Professor of Environmental Geochemistry

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Affiliation: Earth Surface Science Institute

Research Interests

I am an environmental geochemist interested in biogeochemical processes in sediments and their impact on water quality. My research spans a wide range of different problems and environments but the common theme is the use of innovative high resolution sampling and laboratory microcosm techniques. Ongoing/recent research includes:

  • Phosphorus dynamics in rivers and wetlands.
  • The role of bed sediments in controlling in-stream nutrient concentrations in rivers.
  • The impact of river chemistry and suspended sediment on natural ecology and invading populations.
  • The complexities of cycling of N, Mn, Fe and S in marine, estuarine, and freshwater sediments and wetlands.
  • Occurrence and controls on anoxic nitrification in sediments.
  • The impact of climate change on the dynamics of sediment redox and biogeochemical processes.
  • Biogeochemistry of contaminant metals (chromium, uranium, technetium, lead, zinc, copper).
  • Use of biogeochemistry to remediate nutrient and metal pollution in contaminated environments.
  • The use of DET and DGT gel technology to make innovative measurements of the biogeochemistry of aquatic sediments.
  • The use of DET and DGT to investigate tropical soil nutrient concentrations, with links to forest biodiversity.