School of Earth and Environment

Rebecca Jansen

Postgraduate Researcher

Email address:
Room: 10.127

Affiliation: Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science


  • BSc (Hons) Meteorology and Atmospheric Science - University of Leeds (2009)
  • MRes Physics of the Earth and Atmosphere - University of Leeds (2011)

Project details

Project title

Radiatively driven in-cloud turbulence and cloud-surface turbulent coupling in Arctic Stratocumulus


Project outline

I am looking at how Arctic Stratocumulus clouds create turbulence and mix the air beneath them. I am particularly focused on seeing when the turbulence means they can/’t mix up air from the surface. In the Arctic the turbulent layer of air at the surface is very shallow, so the dominant control over if the surface and cloud can mix is how deep the mixing caused by the cloud goes. The surface air contains lots of water vapour and aerosol (bits of ‘stuff’ that water can condense on to form water droplets) and so if the surface air mixes up to the cloud or not can change the cloud. More water vapour and aerosol the vapour can condense on means more water can form, changing the cloud properties.