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Peter Webb Peter Webb

Postgraduate Student

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 35634
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Room: 8.153



BSc (Hons.) Geophysics (Physics), First Class (University of Liverpool)

Experience in:

Over 3 years experience with Fortran77/95 with MPI.

HECToR computing course on MPI programming.

Currently learning C++ in free time.

Research Interests

Numerical modelling of physical systems.

Planetary geophysics.



Deep earth geophysics.

Teaching Interests

Teaching preferences tend towards subject areas such as mathematical theory and computer programming. I have primarily participated in demonstrating for inverse theory and problem classes on thermodynamics to date (as of Feb 2012).


G. Houseman



Start date

October 2008

Project outline

The study of rift segmentation along the Afar rift in Ethiopia, utilising multi-core numerical simulation of three-dimensional two-phase fluid dynamics for a melt-rock system.

The Afar rift in Ethiopia is an area of high tectonic activity with high angle faulting, dyke intrusion and volcanoes. The volcanic activity along the rift however is segmented into distinct units along the rift axis.

My study is an attempt to understand the process behind this pattern of magmatic activity by simulating the transport mechanisms that move magma from 1% concentration over a 100km+ volume either side of the ridge axis to the surface and focus it into these specific areas.

This simulation will be accomplished by heavy modification of a Fortran77 MPI program developed by Prof. Greg Houseman called TDCON. Its initial purpose was to model single phase mantle convection, but by employing the equations first developed by Dan McKenzie (1984) we aim to create a three-dimensional model that can simulate the motion of fluid melt through a porous mantle and account for the surface volcanic expression.

By doing this we aim to provide greater understanding of the evolution of rift systems such as the aforementioned Afar rift.

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