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Philippa Roddis Philippa Roddis

Postgraduate Researcher / Geography-SRI

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Affiliation: Sustainability Research Institute


Project title

Public acceptance of onshore wind and solar farms in the UK

Project overview

My research explores the factors which shape public acceptance of renewable energy, focusing on onshore wind and solar farms in the UK. It is also investigating the factors which influence planning decisions for these technologies, and the relationship between decision-making and public acceptance in this context.

My PhD is part of the UK Energy Research Centre's ADVENT project (Addressing Valuation of Energy and Nature Together) which explores the impacts on ecosystem services of a range of low carbon energy pathways for the UK. Different energy choices will entail different impacts on the natural environment, thereby affecting stocks of natural capital (and the ecosystem services they provide) in different ways. In turn, these impacts can influence both public responses to renewable energy technologies, and planning decisions regarding them.

My work draws upon a number of academic bodies of literature, including the environmental social sciences, critical human geography, environmental planning, low carbon transitions, ecosystem services, political decision-making, environmental justice and energy geography. This inter-disciplinary rationale is reflected in my use of mixed methods, combining spatial analysis and GIS with social-science informed discourse analysis (Q methodology).

Previous experience

Previously, I have worked at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) on climate change and energy policy, focusing on the interaction between biodiversity conservation and renewable energy deployment. Whilst in this role I managed a major research project Energy Futures involving over 40 members of staff, and lead authored the report The RSPB's 2050 Energy Vision. My professional experience sparked a keen interest in the multiple aspects of sustainability associated with low carbon transitions, which continues to shape my research focus.

I hold an MA (Distinction) in Environment, Development and Policy from the University of Sussex (2013-2014), and a First Class Undergraduate Degree with Honours in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh (2008-2012).

Research interests

Renewable energy; climate change; low carbon transitions; public acceptance; planning decisions; visual impact; landscapes; ecosystem services; natural capital; spatial analysis; discourse analysis; sustainability; environmental policy


I am co-supervised by the School of Geography and the Sustainability Research Institute, School of Earth and Environment (University of Leeds, Faculty of Environment).

Research Affiliations


Professional Memberships

Royal Geographical Society with IBG - Postgraduate Fellow

Research publications

Gove, B; Williams, LJ; Beresford, AE; Roddis, P; Campbell, C; Teuten, E; Langston, RHW; Bradbury, RB (2016) ‘Reconciling Biodiversity Conservation and Widespread Deployment of Renewable Energy Technologies in the UK’ PLoS ONE 11(5): e0150956. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0150956


Roddis P, Gove B, Morrison A, Campbell C, Beresford AE, Teuten E, Dutton A, & Williams LJ (2016) ‘The RSPB’s 2050 Energy Vision: Meeting the UK’s climate targets in harmony with nature. Technical Report.’ Sandy, Bedfordshire, UK: RSPB.

Conference Presentations

Royal Geographical Society with IBG Postgraduate Forum Mid-Term Conference 2017. School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University. April 2017. Poster presentation (prize winner).

2017 Geography Postgraduate Research Conference. School of Geography, University of Leeds. May 2017. Paper presentation: Public acceptance of onshore wind and solar farms in the UK.

Teaching Experience

  • School of Earth and Environment, Sustainability Masters programme, Personal Development module (2016);
  • GEOG1065 Nature, Society and Environment - International Environmental Negotiations (2017).


Dr Stephen Carver, Dr Martin Dallimer, Dr Guy Ziv

Start date

1 October 2016 (School of Geography)