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Pepa Ambrosio-Albala Dr. Pepa Ambrosio-Albala

Research Fellow

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 35572
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Room: 9.124

Affiliation: Sustainability Research Institute


I am a sociologist particularly interested in people’s behavioural changes to reach sustainability.

I received my Ph.D. from the University of Córdoba (Spain) in 2015. By using qualitative and quantitative methods, my thesis examined the social imaginary of climate change perception in two communities dependent on natural resources in Mexico and Colombia. The research approximates to climate change comprising its cultural, environmental, and social dimension. The thesis contributed to knowledge in climate change and risk perception studies, opening new paths for research regarding the object and subject of study, context, theory, and methodology.

I am a Research Fellow at the Sustainability Research Institute working with Dr. Catherine Bale and Prof. Peter Taylor on the Consortium for Modelling and Analysis of Decentralised Energy Storage, (C-MADEnS) project. My role in the project is to investigate the perception of energy storage technologies and infrastructure.

In collaboration with other institutions, I am currently examining the psychological and cultural aspects influencing public engagement with climate change and the adoption of pro-environmental behaviours in the UK. Also, I am studying meanings of climate change for indigenous communities as compared to traditional scientific definitions.

Before joining the University of Leeds, I was a pre-doctoral researcher in the project EU FP7 COMET-LA, a 3-year project (2012-2015) that sought to identify sustainable community-based governance for the management of natural resources. I have previously worked in the field of rural development exploring urban-rural migration movements.


Ph.D.-Climate change perception in Community-based Natural resource management contexts. Analysing cultural settings and environmental attitudes (University of Córdoba, Spain -2015)

MSc- International Master in Rural Development (IMRD) (Gent University, Belgium). MSc Thesis Wageningen Universiteit (The Netherlands, 2008)

BA Sociology (University of Salamanca, Spain-2006)


International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity (ISSSS)

Research groups and affiliations

Energy and climate change mitigation (Sustainability Research Institute)

Honorary Appointment Department of Agricultural Economics, Universidad de Córdoba (Spain)

Research Interests

My general research interest looks at

  1. Environmental sociology and psychology
  2. Psychological and social side of risk and climate change and public engagement with sustainability
  3. Social construction and understanding of environmental issues and willingness to adopt pro-environmental behaviours
  4. Qualitative and quantitative methodological design and analysis


Publications and contributions to reports

AMBROSIO-ALBALA, P. WHITMARSH, L. On the analysis of Cultural Theory and Cognition scale for predicting climate change perception and environmental behaviours. In progress.

AMBROSIO-ALBALA, P; WHYTE POWYS, K; P. DELGADO-SERRANO, MM. Beyond surmise. Indigenous people constructing the reality of climate change. In progress.

AMBROSIO-ALBALÁ, P; DELGADO SERRANO, M.M. Towards an understanding of climate change perception in Community-based management contexts. STATUS: Sent Environmental Policy and Governance

AMBROSIO –ALBALA, P. Climate change perception in CNBRM contexts. Analysing cultural settings and Environmental Attitudes. Doctoral Thesis. Helvia repository University of Córdoba. January 2015. Available upon request

DELGADO-SERRANO, MM; AMBROSIO-ALBALÁ, MJ, RICCIOLI, C (2013). Desafíos Ambientales y Sociales frente al Cambio Climático. RevistaNatura@Economia 12/2013; 2(1):5-22

DELGADO-SERRANO, Maria del Mar; GOMEZ BRUQUE, José Luis, AMBROSIO ALBALA, María José, LLAMAS-MORENO, B. (2010) Understanding international postgraduate studies. Drivers from the supply and the demand side Communications in Agricultural and Applied Biological Sciences. Vol: 75 (1) 187-198 Ghent University, Belgium

Policy Brief: Management and Conflict Resolution Tools: Learning Arenas. Deliverable 1.4 of FP7 European Project – 282845 available in: images/comet_la/deliverebles/ARENA_DE_APRENDIZAJE/D1.4_EN-ES.pdf

Locally Adapted tool for the characterization of social-ecological systems. September 2013. Deliverable 1.1 FP7 European Project - 282845 available in

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