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Linas Svolkinas Linas Svolkinas

Postgraduate Researcher

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Room: 9.157

Affiliation: Sustainability Research Institute


2012-2016 I, together with my colleague from Russia, carried out 10 anthropological expeditions to study fisheries and illegal fishing of sturgeon in the Caspian Region.


Independent Researcher (2012-2016).

MA in Social Anthropology from University of Copenhagen (2009).

BAs in Social Anthropology (University of Copenhagen) and Histoy (Vilnius University) (2007, 2003).

Research Interests

Fishery seal interactions (by-catch), cumulative impact assessment (CIA), social and political attitudes and perception analysis of biodiversity conservation issues in marine contexts.

Project details

Project title

Biological and socio-political factors affecting the conservation of the Caspian Seal.


Dr George Holmes and Dr Simon Goodman


Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Start date

1 October 2016

Project outline

The projects seeks to identify and analyze the obstacles for the creation of Marine Protected Areas in the Caspian Sea.


Work in progress:

Svolkinas, L., Ermolin, I., de Munck, V., & Goodman, S. J., By-catch in illegal artisanal small-scale fishery: what connections between by-catch and IWT market can tell us


Ermolin, I., & Svolkinas, L. (2018). Assessment of the sturgeon catches and seal bycatches in an IUU fishery in the Caspian Sea. Marine Policy, 87(September 2017), 284–290.

Ermolin, I., & Svolkinas, L., (2016) Who owns sturgeon in the Caspian? New theoretical model of social responses towards state conservation policy. Biodiversity and Conservation, 25(14), 2929-2945.