School of Earth and Environment

Katherine Doyle Katherine Doyle

Postgraduate Researcher

Email address:
Room: 7.131

Affiliation: Earth Surface Science Institute


  • First Class Honours in Earth Sciences from Trinity College Dublin

Research Interests

My main research interests lie in documenting the evolution of ocean redox during the Proterozoic Eon and its subsequent effects on the phosphorus cycle and animal evolution. I am interested in using a variety of palaeo-redox proxies to gain a bigger picture of ocean chemistry during this period. I am also interested in applying new techniques to ancient sediments to assess how nutrient cycling was affected by changes in ocean redox and the emergence of complex life.

Teaching Interests

I currently demonstrate on several modules for the undergraduate Geology and Environmental Science courses including: Geological Materials, Maps and Stratigraphy, and various fieldtrips for these respective modules.

Project details

Project title

The Chemical Evolution of the Proterozoic Biosphere




Project outline

The main aim of this project is to document changes in ocean redox across the Proterozoic Eon using a range of palaeo-redox proxies and assess these fluxes in ocean chemistry had on nutrient cycling and animal evolution during this period.