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Keith Browning Prof Keith Browning

Visiting Researcher

Telephone number: c/o Alan Blyth
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Affiliation: Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science

Research Interests

Professor Keith Browning's principal research interests are mesoscale meteorology, especially severe storms (extra-tropical cyclones and convective storms). He has published over 200 peer-reviewed publications in learned journals in the areas of mesoscale meteorology, severe storms, frontal and convective precipitation, radar meteorology and nowcasting. He is also editor of the book ʽNowcastingʼ and co-editor of one entitled ʽGlobal Energy and Water Cyclesʼ.

Professor Browning is currently working with Professor Alan Blyth on cases from the COnvective Precipitation Experiment (COPE) which took place in the south west peninsula of England in the summer of 2013. Convergence lines form in the region as a result of colliding sea-breeze fronts. Convective clouds often develop along the lines sometimes resulting in flash flooding. The most infamous recent example occurred at Boscastle in August 2004. The flash floods and convergence lines have been studied using models and the UK Met Office (MO) network radars and rain gauges, but observations of the microphysics and dynamics of the systems had never been made until COPE. Keith is working with Alan and others in ICAS and NCAS to determine the reasons for the production of heavy precipitation.

In addition, there are on-going collaborations regarding UK weather, flooding, mid-latitude dynamics and interpretation of observations.