School of Earth and Environment

Jared West Dr Jared West

Associate Professor: Hydrogeology

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 35253
Email address:
Room: 9.151

Affiliation: Institute of Applied Geoscience

Geomechanics Research Group

IMVUL Marie Curie ITN


Leader of Geomechanics Research Group in School of Earth and Environment.

Programme Manager for MSc in Engineering Geology (from Sept 2013)

My research addresses physical and geophysical approaches to the characterization of fluid flow (groundwater, hydrocarbons) and contaminant movement in the subsurface, utilising hydraulic (pumping) and tracer tests, ground penetrating radar and geoelectrical techniques. Laboratory studies are conducted to characterise fundamental physico-chemical mechanisms underlying field-scale hydrogeological, geotechnical and geophysical responses, and relate geophysical properties with hydrological, petrophysical, geotechnical or geochemical variables.

Research funding: NERC, European Commission and private sector.

Teaching Interests

Over 20 years experience teaching Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, covering groundwater and ground contamination topics, field teaching and MSc dissertation project supervision.