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Julia Tindall Julia Tindall

Research Fellow

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2012 - Research Fellow, University of Leeds, working on an ERC funded project to use Pliocene simulations to help constrain Earth System Sensitivity.

2004 - 2012 Research Associate, University of Bristol, here I worked on the modelling component of QUEST - deglaciation, which used the FAMOUS model to produce Transient simulations of the last deglaciation, I also worked on the NERC-RAPID-ISOMAP project which included incorporation oxygen and deuterium isotopes into the hydrological cycle of HadCM3 and using this to investigate rapid climate change events (in particular the 8.2ka event).

2000-2004 PhD student, University of Reading. Thesis title "Dynamics of the Tropical Tropopause and Lower Stratosphere"


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