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Jenine McCutcheon Dr Jenine McCutcheon

Research fellow

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Room: 9.160

Affiliation: Earth Surface Science Institute


My undergraduate degree (The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada) included a combination of geology and microbiology. My M.Sc. (UWO) and Ph.D. research (The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia) focused on cyanobacteria-enabled precipitation of carbonate minerals for the purposes of carbon sequestration and materials stabilization. This research relied heavily on laboratory and field-based experiments, the products of which were characterized using a variety of microscopy and microanalytical techniques.

I am currently employed as a postdoctoral research fellow on the NERC funded Project Black and Bloom ( in the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds. In this position I am characterizing the mineral particulates and black carbon nanoparticles found on the Greenland Ice Sheet in association with cryophilic algae.


Ph.D. Geomicrobiology, The University of Queensland (2017)

M.Sc. Geology, The University of Western Ontario (2013)

B.Sc. Honours Specialization Geology and Biology, The University of Western Ontario (2011)


European Association of Geochemistry - Member

Geological Association of Canada - Member

Research Interests

Microbial carbonation reactions

Microbe-mineral interactions

Scanning and transmission electron microscopy

Biofilm and microbial mat visualization

Snow and ice algae

Black carbon

Aqueous geochemistry


Analytical techniques using synchrotron radiation


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