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Jannik Giesekam Jannik Giesekam

Research Fellow

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Room: 9.125

Affiliation: Sustainability Research Institute


Jannik is a Research Fellow for the RCUK funded Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (CIEMAP). There he undertakes a mix of economy-wide and sector-specific analyses of opportunities to reduce energy use and carbon emissions through the pursuit of material efficiency strategies. He works on a number of collaborative interdisciplinary projects using techniques from engineering, economics and the social sciences.

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Integrated PhD and MSc (distinction) in Low Carbon Technologies, University of Leeds (2016) Thesis: The contribution to UK climate mitigation targets from reducing embodied carbon in the construction sector

MEng in Civil Engineering, University of Glasgow (2010)

Research Interests

Current projects are focussing on:

  • Developing new resource productivity indicators for the UK
  • The use of embodied carbon targets in the construction industry
  • Industry drivers and barriers to the adoption of sustainable building materials
  • Public perceptions and experiences of low carbon building materials
  • Embodied carbon in EU vehicle manufacturing and end of life disposal

Current publications in press include:

  • Embodied carbon dioxide assessment in buildings: guidance and gaps (Proceedings of the ICE: Engineering Sustainability)
  • Thermodynamic insights and assessment of the ‘circular economy’ (Journal of Cleaner Production)
  • Building on the Paris Agreement: making the case for embodied carbon intensity targets in construction (Zero Carbon Buildings Today and in the Future 2016)