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Ilkka Matero Ilkka Matero

Postgraduate Researcher

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Room: 11.121

Affiliation: Earth Surface Science Institute, Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science


I am a PhD student working with Dr. Lauren Gregoire, Dr. Ruza Ivanovic, Prof. Alan Haywood and Dr. Julia Tindall at the University of Leeds. My project involves modelling the collapse of the North American ice sheet and evaluating its role in the abrupt cooling of the Northern Hemisphere during the 8.2kyr event.

Before starting my research project here in Leeds I've been working as a scientist and a research assistant in the Polar Oceanography and Sea Ice group at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Projects included analyses based on ice charts, satellite data and in situ studies of the properties and distribution of sea ice.


  • 2014: MSc. in Geophysics. University of Helsinki.
    • Master's Thesis: Radiation budget of Arctic sea ice during CHINARE2010 -expedition.

  • 2011: BSc. in Geophysics. University of Helsinki.
    • Thesis: Average salinity and density conditions in the Arctic sea ice. (In Finnish)


Palaeo@Leeds research group of the Earth Surface Science Institute (ESSI).

Climate Change and Impacts research group of the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences (ICAS) .

The Geophysical Society of Finland.

Research Interests

My research interests include past, present and future changes in the climate and ocean circulation.

Project details

Project title

North American ice sheet collapse and abrupt climate change
Submission date: September 2018


Dr. Lauren Gregoire
Dr. Ruza Ivanovic
Professor Alan Haywood
Dr. Julia Tindall


Leeds-York NERC DTP (Doctoral Training Partnership) 2014

Project outline

My research is planned to consist of the following three parts in order to evaluate the role of the ice sheet collapse and it's direct and indirect impact on the 8.2kyr event:

  • Laurentide ice sheet collapse reconstruction: State of the art marine ice sheet model (BISICLES ; Cornford et al., 2013) and the latest glaciological data from collaborator Anders Carlson will be combined to produce the most detailed reconstruction of the Laurentide ice sheet collapse around the 8.2 kyr event.
  • Climatic impact of the collapse: These reconstructed ice sheet elevation changes and meltwater routing to the ocean will be used to force the Met Office UM general circulation climate model and analyse the effects on climate.
  • Re-assessment of Climate Models’ ability to simulate the strength and duration of the 8.2 kyr event. Results from the two above parts will be used to formulate new hypotheses on the cause of the 8.2 kyr event. A standard experimental set-up for the 8.2 kyr event combining the ice sheet collapse and lake drainage will be produced for a multi-model experiment as part of the PMIP3 initiative.


  • Kohout T; Bucko MS; Rasmus K; Leppäranta M; Matero I. (2014) Non-invasive geophysical investigation and thermodynamic analysis of a palsa in Lapland, Northwest Finland. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes Vol. 25, Issue 1, p. 45-52. doi: 10.1002/ppp.1798

  • Huang W; Lei R; Matero I; Li Q; Wang Y; Li Z. (2013) The physical structures of snow and sea ice in the Arctic section of 150-180W during the summer of 2010. Acta Oceanologica Sinica 32(5), 57-67. doi: 10.1007/s13131-013-0314-4.

  • Lei R; Z. Zhang Z; Matero I; Cheng B; Li Q; Huang W (2012) Reflection and transmission of irradiance by snow and sea ice in the central Arctic Ocean in summer 2010. Polar Research 31, 17325. doi: 10.3402/polar.v31i0.17325.