School of Earth and Environment

Ioana Colfescu Dr Ioana Colfescu

NCAS Research Scientist

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 31587
Email address:
Room: 11.115

Affiliation: Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science


I am a research scientist at NCAS in the University of Leeds. My current post involves working on a few different research projects as well as involvement in outreach activities and NCAS Courses. I am working with Stephen Mobbs, Alan Gadian, and Ralph Burton, to understand the observed mechanisms governing the amplitude and formation of gravity waves over Iceland. I am also working with Stephen Mobbs, Massimo Bollasina (University of Edinburgh) and Gabi Hegerl (University of Edinburgh) on understanding circulation patterns associated with extreme temperature events for Europe in the last century in models and observations. This work also aims to quantifying the roles of natural and anthropogenic contributions to a series of extreme events. Last, I am working with Ed Schneider (George Mason University, Virgina, USA) on attributing the Atlantic Meridional Overtutning Circulation to internal variability or external sources of forcing (in particular 20th century anthropogenic forcing).

As a member of NCAS I'm involved in various outreach activities (i.e. Into the Blue, The Air we Share) as scientist and photographer ( as well as in helping with preparation of teaching materials and mentoring for NCAS courses (Arran Field Course 2016, 2017).