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Graham Mann Dr Graham Mann

NCAS Senior Research Scientist

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 31660
Email address:
Room: 10.108

Affiliation: Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science

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Dr Graham Mann is a permanent Research Fellow funded by the National Centre for Atmosphere Science (NCAS, on the UK Chemistry and Aerosol (UKCA, project, and has 15 years professional research experience in atmospheric science at the University of Leeds. As of March 2013, he has 40 publications in leading peer-reviewed journals including 26 in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 5 in the Journal of Geophysical Research, 3 in Geophysical Research Letters and 1 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Dr Mann is a key member of the aerosol modelling research group ( within the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science (ICAS) in the School of Earth Environment. He developed the GLOMAP-mode aerosol microphysics scheme, which is now included in several modelling frameworks including the TOMCAT chemistry transport model (Mann et al., 2010), the UKCA sub-model in the UK Met Office Unified Model (MetUM) (see Bellouin et al., 2013 ) and the Integrated Forecast System (IFS) for the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF). Dr Mann is continually working closely on model development with researchers in several different groups at the Met Office and at ECMWF, and is code-owner for GLOMAP-mode module in both the MetUM and the IFS.

Dr Mann has an established track record of research direction having led the supervision of a CASE PhD studentship (Matt Woodhouse) with the Met Office on DMS-aerosol interactions and been co-supervisor on several other PhD studentships (Paul Manktelow, Anja Schmidt). All three of these PhD students have published at least 3 peer-review publications in high quality journals during their project. Dr. Mann also provides ongoing training and support to a range of PhD and postdoctorate researchers in the global aerosol and chemistry modelling groups in ICAS.

Dr Mann is currently lead PI on the EU-funded MACC-II project and has also been lead PI on a NERC small grant (QESM-dust). He is co-investigator on the GASSP project (, the ASCI project on aerosol-cloud interactions, the SAMBBA project on biomass burning aerosol, the UKCA-PSC project on polar stratospheric clouds and the PEGASOS EU air quality-climate project. He has been co-I on several previous NERC and EU projects including AEROS (quantifying uncertainty in global aerosol models), the UKCA-STRAT project (stratospheric aerosol microphysics), MACC-1 (aerosol forecasting with GLOMAP-mode in ECMWF-IFS) and the EUCAARI European Integrated Project on aerosol.

Dr. Mann is leading the global aerosol microphysics working group within the international AEROCOM model intercomparison and evaluation initiaitive ( He also has field campaign experience in projects at Isle of Arran (Scotland) and at Kiruna (Arctic Sweden). He has also successfully leveraged additional model support (Mark Richardson, Numerical Algorithms Group) to re-factor and achieve improved parallel-execution on HECToR of the TOMCAT-GLOMAP code via three funded proposals to the distributed CSE initiative (see ).


  • BSc, Applied Mathematics, University of Warwick;
  • PhD Meteorology, University of Leeds


  • Member of the Royal Meteorological Society
  • Member of the International Glaciological Society

Research Interests

  • aerosol influences on climate and air quality
  • evaluation of particle size distrution against observations
  • stratospheric aerosol
  • biogenic aerosol influences on climate (e.g. DMS, bVOCs, volcanic)
  • impact of large volcanic eruptions on climate
  • polar stratospheric clouds
  • mineral dust emission, transport and deposition
  • blowing snow