School of Earth and Environment

Dr Frans Kets

Visiting Research Fellow Rock Physics, petroleum geo-Engineering

Telephone number: +31 6 12548121
Email address:
Room: 10.18d

Affiliation: Institute of Applied Geoscience


Frans Kets worked with Shell for 32 years (1977-2009) as geophysicist in a variety of roles, until he retired at normal retirement date. Most of his work in Shell was in Shell Research, with assignments in seismic processing research (deconvolution, signal processing and quantitative interpretation), interpretation software development, seismic processing deployment (amongst others: 3D pre-stack depth migration), seismic inversion and last but not least: rock physics, in particular the rock physics of shales (permeability, seismic signature). He had several assignments as manager of research sections, worked in an operational environment for several years, and has carried responsibilities for Shell training in geophysics worldwide for a period. Before he joined Shell, he worked as a PhD student at the University of Utrecht on atomic and molecular physics.

He became Visiting Research Fellow in University of Leeds on March 1st, 2010, and is cooperator with CiPEG.


Experimental Physics, 1968-1972, University Utrecht, Netherlands

Grade: Drs (MSc) - Cum Laude (Honours, highest grade), Experimental Physics


  • Member of various faculty committees (1970-1977)
  • Organiser: Workshop Blended Learning, Paris 2004
  • Organiser: Force Seminar, Properties of Shales, Stavanger, 2006
  • Organiser: Workshop Shales, Berlin 2008
  • Organiser: Workshop Shales, Nice 2010

Research Interests

Rock Physics (shales)


Rosenbrand, E., I.F. Riis, F. Kets, I.L. Fabricius (2015). Different effects of temperature and salinity on permeability reduction by fines migration in Berea sandstone. Geothermics 53: 225-235.

Rosenbrand, E., I. L. Fabricius, F. Kets (2013). Kaolinite Mobilisation in Sandstone: Pore Plugging vs Suspended Particles. Thirty-Eighth Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California.

Waruntorn Kanitpanyacharoen, Frans B. Kets, Hans-Rudolf Wenk, Richard Wirth (2012). Mineral preferred orientation and microstructure in the Posidonia Shale in relation to different degrees of thermal maturity. Clays and Clay Minerals 60(3): 315-329.

Kanitpanyacharoen, W., H.-R. Wenk, F. Kets, C. Lehr, and R. Wirth (2011), Texture and anisotropy analysis of Qusaiba shales, Geophysical Prospecting, 59(3), 536-556.