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Effrosyni Papargyropoulou Effrosyni Papargyropoulou

Postgraduate Student: Split-Site PhD Programme

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Affiliation: Sustainability Research Institute

Project details

Project title

Food waste minimisation in the food service sector in Malaysia


Dr Julia Steinberger and Dr Nigel Wright (Civil)

Local Advisor: Professor Dato. Ir. Dr. Zaini Bin Ujang (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

Start date

1st September 2011

Maximum time limit for submission of thesis: 31 August 2018

Project outline

As a split-site PhD student Effrosyni undertakes a combination of full-time and part-time study. She mostly works on her PhD on a part-time basis at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), where she works as a Visiting Lecturer. She has a Local Advisor at UTM and access to the facilities that she needs for the successful completion of her PhD. It is the time that she spends in Leeds that she works full-time on her PhD; the requirement of the programme is that she must spend a minimum of 8 months of full-time study in Leeds during the standard period of study. She is required to be in Leeds during the early stages of her PhD, at the transfer/upgrade stage, and for the PhD viva.