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Emma Bramham Dr Emma Bramham

Lecturer - Applied Geophysics and Structural Geology

Telephone number: +44(0) 113 34 35595
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Room: 9.159

Affiliation: Institute of Applied Geoscience


Currently I am a lecturer in Geophysics and Applied Structural Geology on the MSc for Structural Geology with Geophysics. I gained my PhD at the University of Leeds with Tim Wright and Douglas Paton and have previously worked as a Geophysicist on offshore seismic surveys in the North Sea, North Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.


My research interests focus on:

Using techniques such as InSAR (Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) to map surface deformation over specific time periods and LiDAR (Light Detection and Radar) elevation mapping to create high resolution digital elevation models, to examine active rifting in regions such as Ethiopia and Iceland, identifying patterns rifting/post-rifting surface deformation and fault growth.

Development of models of fault behaviour in active rifting regions to work towards finding better ways to predict future failure locations.

Using active rifiting fault behaviour to identify links to sub-surface, sub-seismic resolution fault behaviour.


I currently have a number of teaching commitments on the MSc Structural Geology with Geophysics, my key responsibility is the Applied Geophysical Methods module, alongside working with our industry collaborators to develop projects for the MSc students. I am involved with the supervision of the MSc projects and student fieldwork.


PhD Geophysics (University of Leeds)

MSc Marine Geotechnics (School of Ocean Sciences, UCNW)

BSc Physics with Astrophysics (University of Leeds)


A R Hjartardottir, P Einarsson, E Bramham, T J Wright (2012), The Krafla fissure swarm, Iceland, and its formation by rifting event, Bulletin of Volcanology, 74, pp2139-2153 doi: 10.1007/s00445-012-0659-0