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David Hodkin David Hodkin

Postgraduate Researcher

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David joined the Cohen Research group within the Earth Surface Science Institute in October 2014. Prior to this he worked for URS consulting in Cardiff as an environmental scientist, focused on contaminated land remediation projects. David started his university career at Royal Holloway University of London, where he completed an MSci Geoscience in July 2013. His master’s dissertation involved observing and dating Indian monsoon failures using the geochemical variations in spelothem carbonate as a proxy. This project fostered an interest in elemental partitioning and carbonate geochemistry which, combined with his environmental science work, led David to his current PhD research.

Project details

Project title

Coprecipitation of Mixed Radionuclides From Large Volumes of Nuclear Waste Water Via Carbonate Coprecipitation Reactions



This work is funded by a bursary from the Nuclear Decomissioning Authority (NDA)

Project outline

David’s project aims to develop a new technique for the treatment of radionuclide contamination in groundwater. This is to be achieved by using alkaline carbonate precipitation reactions to trap the radioisotopes of interest (14C and 90Sr) in a solid carbonate precipitate which can then be disposed of accordingly. The project will use Thermodynamic and kinetic modelling to optimise the reaction conditions, and compare the cost effectiveness of the system to currently available techniques. Once a suitable reaction mechanism has been designed the system will be scaled up to an industrial scale.